Vinyl Floor

A clock without hands is different. It doesn’t follow the usual rules. It stands still, timeless, and it can mean many things. Such a clock may reveal strange mysteries and hidden answers as it makes you look beyond your normal life.

Vinyl Floor's new single 'Clock With No Hands', in its poetic form, talks about love, time and societal expectations in a beautiful metaphorical way. It all begins with curiosity and a desire to understand something unconventional. It’s about looking at life from a different perspective.

This interesting music composition connects with you just as deeply as its lyrics. What starts on a 3/4 rhythm, becomes one of the most heart-touching and emotionally moving melodies.

From their latest album 'Funhouse Mirror', this pure melodic wizardry is a teamwork of Thomas Charlie Pedersen's piano, Rasmus Bruun's guitar, Rob Stoner's bass, Bebe Risenfors' Horns and Daniel Pedersen's Drums.

Written by Thomas Charlie Pedersen, this song is a love letter to his wife, whom he married in 2020. His wife is 11 years older than him, and the song talks about how their love makes the age difference disappear, suggesting that maybe time isn't as important as we think.

From a deep and personal perspective, this song represents Thomas's love that brings a sense of timelessness and meaning to his life, making everything seem better and safer when shared with his other half.