Joey Curtin a.k.a Zimfonjah

Joey Curtin, also known by her alias Zimfonjah, is a talented artist who wears many hats. Mainly, she's a pianist and composer but also creates beautiful electronic music under her alias. Touching your soul, her music covers an astonishing depth of human emotions.

But this time, taking a turn from her sincere piano performance, she's taking you into her world of electronic music full of beats and magical sounds from retro synthesizers.

'Cherry Blossom Hop' is a super fun and playful instrumental that puts a smile on your face. Its relaxed, nostalgic and delightful feel is just something that makes you want to hug. With various adorable and light-hearted synth tones, Zimfonjah offers a medium to feel joy that gets you dancing on the beat.

Zimfonjah's synthesizer replicates the beautiful sounds of Sitar, Koto, Xylophone and numerous variations of plucked, glittering and shiny tones.

Everything is sprinkled on top of a persistent and uniform rhythm as if Zimfonjah is improvising and going with the flow. Listening to this lovely track, Zimfonjah feels like a creative and limitless persona rather than just an alias.

Let's learn a bit about Joey Curtin. She is a pianist and composer who started her musical journey in the San Francisco Bay area. Her music melds classical, jazz, and New Age styles with influences from around the world.

She has performed at places like the Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite National Park, the Olympic Village Inn in Lake Tahoe, CA, Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite National Park, the Sheraton Palace in San Francisco, Legionaries Seminary in Rome, Italy, Sheraton Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, School of Creative Arts in Singapore, the Texas Medical Center in Houston, and Peace and Reconciliation meetings in Northern Ireland.

Joey has travelled internationally to Europe, Asia, and Africa to perform and speak. She loves soaking in the sounds of different countries and cultures to create new and unique music.