Get empowered with 'We Could Be Kings' by Esha K.
A true indie rock single, this song by Esha K. takes over your mind with its catchy and addictive tune. Easy going chord progressions with nicely composed verses drive the song towards the chorus. The vocals build in the first verse, transforming into a strong and uplifting chorus which demonstrates the range of Esha K.'s voice. The chorus is impactful, starting with a punch of guitars and drums, both wrapping around the voice, making for an extremely empowering song. A touch of overdrive effect, combined with reverb on the vocals, and overall compression impart character.

The energy of both the instruments and vocals are thoughtfully variable -  a brilliant way to compose a song as the lyrics hold variable emotion and meaning, mirroring the energy.

Definitely listen to 'We Could Be Kings' by Esha K. on Spotify.

About Esha K.:

"Esha K., a San Francisco Bay Area native, is an alternative-rock/indie vocalist and songwriter with extensive experience within the music industry. Influenced by artists like Fleetwood Mac, Jeff Buckley, and James Bay, her music incorporates a unique blend of heartfelt lyrics, powerful vocals, and catchy guitar riffs to deliver songs that appeal to people from all walks of life. Esha is passionate to use her position as a woman in the music industry, and as a person of colour, to bring a fresh perspective and sound to the alternative rock genre."

Feel the depth of emotion with 'A Stranger I Know' by Lucia Desimone
Purely soothing acoustic guitars and the amazingly calm voice of Lucia immediately takes over a restless mind. She introduces a vibe that wraps you with emotion. Lucia's voice is a medium for sharing feelings. Her words have been composed thoughtfully and the music has been used as an expression to explain the true meaning of those words. 

There is a perfect combination of vocals and guitars across this song. A touch of guitar solo introduces beats which last, adding a variation with the purpose of fulfilling the flow of emotions, like a flow of the river. Vocal harmonies are sprinkled throughout adding interest.

The core of this song are the spaces filled by the reverb of various instrumental elements leaving a long lasting impact.

Definitely listen to 'A Stranger I Know' by Lucia Desimone on Spotify.

About Lucia Desimone:

"I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but I grew up in Milan, Italy. I am currently majoring in songwriting with a minor in production from Berklee College of Music. I am planning to release an EP with original music soon as well as covers from artists that inspire my songwriting techniques."

'Who You Are' by Just A Ride

Just A Ride has done it again! 'Who You Are' is another rock powerhouse of a track which carries with it the same legacy of high energy and strength which saturate all of Just A Ride's previous releases.
Grunge guitars are the hero of this track, supported by punchy, strong drums and bass, and all are interwoven with high-impact vocals which drive the listeners emotions throughout. From start to end the strength and combination of every individual element in this track fuels emotion. There's a welcome yet surprising jump from its heavy grunge chorus, to a clean sound with soft vocals, and then moving straight into a sick guitar solo.

'Who You Are' is really very thoughtfully composed and shows the dedication of the artists who aren't afraid to break barriers and push for something unique. That being said, ‘Who You Are’ would also sit perfectly alongside works of such peers as Stone Temple Pilots and 90’s Red Hot Chili Peppers.

'Who You Are' by Just A Ride is available worldwide for streaming. It's not one you should miss!

Lead Vocalist, Rodney Henderson, states:

"'Who You Are' explores the struggle I’ve faced to make long term positive change in my life. This song was written at a really dark point during the height of the 2020 COVID pandemic and explores feelings of self doubt; the crippling fear that regardless of what I do I will fail.
I have really channeled my energy in this song as a sort of rallying cry to break out of this negative cycle and break free of these self enforced shackles.”

About Just A Ride:

Nottingham based band, Just A Ride, are on a mission to revive the spirit of the early 90s alternative rock scene that burst out of Seattle and influenced a generation.

Huge fans of Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam; the UK-based four-piece draws its influence from that era. Combining this with their millennial punk rock and nu-metal upbringing the result is a sound that carries the legacy of grunge with a contemporary twist.