B’zurkk - 'Light The Way'
A rapper with power over words and flow, B'zurkk has definitely a grip over the rhythm. Clear and relaxed echo following the vocals left and right leaves an effect that allows them to strongly dominate the meaning behind the verses. The pace of the track is smooth and silky with variations and effects that define its hip-hop genre. Beats are made from melody and tight kick with snare being traditionally electronic that support the rap without dominating too much. Vocals are one with the rhythm and stay consistent throughout the track keeping listeners engaged. B'zurkk sounds very passionate and involved while performing and has momentum with uniform energy. Definitely listen to 'Light The Way' by B'zuekk on SoundCloud.

About B'zurkk

"The ethos of authenticity in hip hop can often be heard in the emotive cadence of those who have faced adversity and overcome it. B’zurkk is one such artist that epitomizes the essence of the modern era. He is a multi-talented vocalist and rapper born in Portales, NM, and raised in Clovis, NM. Now based in Englewood, CO since 2009 B’zurkk is making music that is driven by a desire to motivate, inspire, comfort, and tell his story his way. Born Eric Garcia, B’zurkk turned to music as the vehicle by which to express himself and uses his experiences and musical acumen to create an amalgamated and original sound. The multi-talented witty rapper is speaking his mind and he is using music to cope with the facets of life. The road hasn’t been easy for him so he pours out his heart into the music. This all culminates in B’zurkk producing a musical experience that is enjoyable, easy going but also authentic and grounded in reality. It is music that is relatable and needs an attentive ear. His music will impact lives and show others that it’s okay to be brave and speak your mind. B’zurkk is a self-made artist. He is self-motivated self-disciplined and always open to working with those who have a willingness to learn. He will be releasing more music that will showcase his lyricism in translating his emotions. This is the music that will push the boundaries of our perception as well as inspire and drive us to introspective conversations. Hip hop has needed a new voice for a long time and now it is finally here! As long as artists like B’zurkk exist and his story and voice are heard then Hip Hop will continue to evolve around self-made artists."

Lorenzo Gabanizza feat. Jeff Christie - 'You're Not There'
Slow and persistent, this song has many beautiful elements to talk about. Starting with a guitar solo, the intro touches the complexity of flow giving us hints of blues. As the song steadily unfolds, it reveals layers of beautifully crafted guitars, piano and living and breathing drums which add and direct the rhythm. With an already wonderful start, we are gifted with amazing vocals, leading the song, taking charge in the delivery of the emotion and meaning the artists intend. We have natural and impactful vocals with harmonies and energy that are channelised through the singer's heart direct to the listeners. Melodic instrumentals unveil the creativity of mixing multiple genres which truly shows the talent behind the composition of this song.

Shades of Country with a touch of ballad smoothness can be heard from the musical structure of this song. It takes us on a journey of evolution from soft and gentle roots to the climax where all the instruments and vocals are at their highest peak of expression, just gushing feelings. Lorenzo Gabanizza and Jeff Christie have a powerful influence on their outstanding performance. Instruments like sax and pedal steel and bass have notable places and blend perfectly with background vocals, filling every absolute melody with variations and articulations. Reaching its end, this song leaves us with the unforgettable essence and power of music.

Definitely listen to 'You're Not There' by Lorenzo Gabanizza feat. Jeff Christie on Spotify.

About Lorenzo Gabanizza:

"He was a member of various groups, especially from 1991, where he met Donovan, being enclosed on his staff. In 2016, Gabanizza produced and recorded a self-penned album, Celtic Bridge, which sold well both in Europe and the United States. In July he appeared in front of 12,000 people at the worldwide event Celtica. In October 2021, he releases a single featuring the multi-platinum Jeff Christie mastered by 63 times Grammy recipient Greg Calbi, who worked for Bowie, Dylan and Lennon. The song gets terrific press and reaches an impressive list of accolades: #1 in Itunes Country Charts, South Africa; #1 in the European Indie Charts; #4 in the World Indie Charts; #3 in the MTV USA Spotify chart; while the related video clip wins the 4th Golden Wheat Awards, the Toronto Alternative Film Festival and got an official selection at the Munich Music Video Awards, International Music Awards (London) and Malabar Film Festival (India)."

About Jeff Christie:

"Christie rocketed to fame at the dawn of the 70s with their single “Yellow River, “a smash hit that made it into the charts in just about every country in the world. Listeners found the catchy, commercial beat and melody — backed by solid production values and a “jingle jangle” sound that was to become a trademark of many other Christie offerings — an irresistible combination, and bought the single by the millions. The band was to follow up the single with many more songs that were just as melodic and appealing. “San Bernadino” brought forth more success, and has been adopted as that city’s official song. Another hit, “Iron Horse” is as close to pure commercial pop as you can get. Most of the band’s output was written by the group’s leader and lead vocalist, Jeff Christie, who was equally at home writing bright and bouncy, commercial tunes, as he was at dreaming up a lilting ballad, a soulful refrain, or a heavier, more powerful sound."

Pamela Hopkins ft. Jason Lee Campbell - 'One More Last Kiss'
Passionate, soft and touching, this song's core is a great duet from Pamela and Jason. We get a calming beginning in this song with captivating vocals that hold significant qualities and abilities to deliver strong emotion. The guitars are smooth, giving us parts of the slow tremolo effect that immediately builds the atmosphere. Sitting in the background, we can hear the synth Rhodes with a very mild tone, just enough to warm up the accompanying guitars. A traditional bassline alongside impactful drum patterns gives ultimate depth to this song. Listeners can experience the evolution of energy and variation of the theme of this song until the climax.

Guitar leaks and riffs make their way through the verses and chorus. A duet performing vocal harmonies, especially during the bridge section, is amazing. Overall the music and the lyricism in this song synchronize brilliantly knitting all the feelings together.

Definitely listen to 'One More Last Kiss' by Pamela Hopkins ft. Jason Lee Campbell on YouTube.

About Pamela Hopkins ft. Jason Lee Campbell:

Pamela Hopkins

"Little Rock, Arkansas native, Pamela Hopkins, is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Her first Nashville album of all original music was released in February 1995, and she got back in the studio recording her second album/EP project that was released in October 2018. Pamela also released 2 singles in 2019. Pamela returned to the studio in the spring of 2020, in Franklin, TN, to record her next 4 singles with Off the Row Recording Studio as one of their "Break Out Artists."  She is super excited to let her fans hear her new co-written songs, as well as the fresh country sound with writer Jim Femino. In 2021, Pamela has 6 fresh new songs to release throughout the year.  She co-wrote each song with various Nashville writers and is excited for her first co-written duet featuring Matt Dame, to be released on February 5, 2021, titled "Little Things." Where has she been and where can you find her now?

In October 2013, she began as a Dueling Piano Player for Ernie Biggs in the River Market District of Little Rock.  In January of 2017, Pamela transitioned to Willy D's Rock & Roll Dueling Piano Bar, a larger venue, in the River Market District in Little Rock. In addition to Willy D's, she can be seen in other venues, Norwegian Cruise Ships and clubs across the US.   She continues to grow her craft, repertoire, and network of fellow musicians in what is a very unique niche in the music industry - Piano bars! Pamela also has a band that plays her original music as well as many of the tunes you love to hear, from country to classic rock, her 5 piece band is comprised of some of the best musicians around.  You can book her band to play for all occasions...just reach out to her and/or check out her schedule to catch them playing a public event. In her own words, Pamela says, “I’ve had a passion for music since I was a young girl, singing, playing cello and piano.  I’ve been successful in music, as a wife, in raising a family and have held two successful careers in law enforcement and then as English Teacher for the middle and elementary school level.  I am now in the midst of this next chapter of my life, dedicating it to my music career and couldn’t be more excited about achieving what’s been a long-term dream of mine - a full-time music career.”

The Little Wretches - 'Ballad of Johnny Blowtorch'

Right out of the gate, this song takes the listeners on a ride. The listener is treated to a true core of familiar guitar tone and riffs perfectly coordinated with drums that are snappy and speedy, almost a punk vibe but with an indie touch. The ambience is quite vintage, reminding listeners of old school rock playing on the radio.

As consistent as it gets in music, more focus goes on vocals as they take charge of the energy flowing through this song. The subtle piano adds a layer of surprise while the liveliness of the song remains the same. The acoustic guitar has its own place strumming alongside a kick and snare, smacking the rhythmic pattern.

Electric guitars are warm and mildly distorted hitting the mids very well. This song feels new every time due to the fluidity of the lyrics with the composition. An effect like reverb especially on vocals recalls the retro.

Definitely listen to 'Ballad of Johnny Blowtorch' by The Little Wretches on Spotify.

About The Little Wretches:

“My songs are mirrors, and I often begin or end my performances by playing a version of The Velvet Underground’s “I’ll Be Your Mirror” extended to more than ten minutes in length to include some of the images that most shaped my view of the world as a young man—working men and women enslaved in pursuit of the dollar, the now-vacant void from whence the spirit fled filled with the distraction of mindless entertainment, alcohol and assorted drugs, people so numb that self-destructive violence has lost its impact and the only way they can hope to feel anything is to hurt the people they love...God wanted me to grow up to defend the weak and vanquish the evil-doers by writing songs and telling stories. And if I’m wrong, I’ve wasted my life.”  - Robert Wagner.

As frontman and chief songwriter/lyricist for 80s/90s seminal Pittsburgh rock band, Little Wretches, Robert Wagner rode a wave of local notoriety that led the band to the forefront of the underground music scene. The Little Wretches were founded as a folk/punk band by Robert (guitar) and his brother, Chuckie (violin).  The “classic” Mach 2 era of Little Wretches included Ed Heidel (bass), Chris Bruckhoff (percussion, wind instruments, backing vocals) and Bob Goetz (guitar), rounded out by Dave Mitchell (drums), Mike Michalski (bass) and Ellen Hildebrand (electric guitar.) This rock edition of the band performed regularly and helped the band build its massive following in Pittsburgh.  Michalski, Mitchell and Chuckie Wagner left the band, effectively ending Mach 2.

Mach 3 began with the addition of David Losi (keyboards) and Mike Madden (drums.) When Madden couldn’t tour, drum programmer Gregg Bielski took over.  When Ellen switched to bass guitar, this version of The Little Wretches entered the studio. They recorded two albums, with Angelo George playing the drums and Jon Paul Leone playing the guitar on a third. The national press, attorneys, managers, and publicists came calling, as did life’s obligations, and the Little Wretches disbanded in the late 90s.

Robert Wagner continues to perform at coffeehouses and small clubs. A Master’s Degree holder, Wagner also counsels abused, neglected, traumatized and court-adjudicated youth. He is the co-founder of The Calliope Acoustic Open Stage, an event that has lasted 15+ years. He has also recorded and released two new albums in 2020: Undesirables and Anarchists and Burning Lantern Dropped In Straw.  The former has spawned an iTunes chart-topping single and has received airplay on more than 115 North American AM/FM radio stations."

A piano plays along with Larry's voice offering a deep message through this song, one which may be personal to almost everyone. A simple and gentle composition gives away a lot of emotion, especially through Larry's vocals. Easy going instrumentals and short guitar solos with layered harmonies accompanied by glittering acoustic and electric guitars are the core part of the music. Tight drums support the rhythmic pattern and also make space for crispy cymbals and hi-hats. The bridge section hits harder with interesting variations. The lyrics have exceptional importance in this song, especially the way they are conveyed. Merging the lyrics and music of this song truly makes it sound impressive.

Definitely listen to 'What Do I Have' by Larry Jay on YouTube.

About Larry Jay:

"It’s been said that country-pop singer-songwriter Larry Jay’s songs are “Five chords and the truth.” The New York native, now residing in California, injects that truth with hopeful lyrics and tasty melodies, to create his own brand of Award-winning Americana-tinged southern-fried music. A first runner-up in multiple songwriting contests, including the prestigious John Lennon Songwriting Contest, Larry Jay says he started writing and performing music “To set my soul free.”  Jay has performed at the famed and historic Troubadour in Los Angeles, and he’s shared the stage with Neil Young sideman and member of Crazy Horse, Sonny Mone. “When I perform, it’s just me and my guitar, and my rhythm tracks looper.  I like to keep things intimate.  While I’ve been told I sound like Keith Urban, I think I sound more like Neil Young.  Either way, being told I’m a really great songwriter is the best compliment I could ever receive.” Larry Jay shows off his songwriting skills on his latest single, “Night School,” in addition to his #1 iTunes international smash single “Wow” featuring Caeland Garner of Team Blake on The Voice and his “end the pandemic” anthem, “Worldwide Party Day.” You can hear Larry Jay weekly via Livestream on his Facebook page. When he’s not focusing on his performances and, of course, writing new songs, Larry volunteers with the local VA Hospitals and addiction recovery centres."

Hannyta - 'Wildflower'
Electronically supercharged, the power of this song lies in the variety of sounds smoothly planting the essence of the song into listeners' minds. With synths playing warm and broad tones covering major dynamics, the atmosphere and intended emotion build quickly. A snappy, tight and boomy sound blended with a balance of concentrated beats and deep bass reveals the pop aspect of this song while a delightful addition of flute reflects more on the meaning and folk style of this song. The vocals are truly captivating with unique qualities dominating the song with force. Long-tailed reverbs and delays on the vocals make them shine and sustain. The climax of this song brilliantly merges genres.

Definitely listen to 'Wildflower' by Hannyta on YouTube.

"Wildflower is a very positive and patriotic vibe, a lovely electric folk-pop love song with many artistic angles. I wrote the song after I have watched a film about the Navajo Code Talkers titled Windtalkers with Nicolas Cage, a 2002 movie and it really touched my heart. The Navajo language was an unbreakable code used by the US Navy during WWII. Despite the historical injustice that happened to the Native American Indians centuries ago the Navajos volunteered to fight for their country during the war. In the song, a Navajo girl who now lives a modern life falls in love with a navy sailor and shows how proud she is for her cultural background and family. It is about the true love between these young guys and also in the modern world, there is no place for a divide between people of any background."

About Hannyta:

"Born Hanna Olah, Hannyta is a 17-year-old singer and songwriter based in the UK. Originally from Hungary, the talented young starlet grew up in Scotland. Having spent a lot of time with her Aunt in Florida, she has developed a love of all things American.  After releasing a string of successful cover versions of songs by Idina Menzel, Rachel Platten and Lauren Daigle, among others, Hannyta released “Wildflower,” her debut original Euro Folk-pop single.  It hit Top 5 on the international iTunes charts!"
Matt Westin - 'Thin Blue Line'
A proud message offering tribute to the 'Thin Blue Line' i.e. the police as the line which keeps society from descending into violent chaos. The music of this song is catchy and sequenced with melodic and lyrical patterns. Rocking guitars playing left and right express the vibrancy of uplifting the forefront of the piece as well as in the background, blending well with the music. The fearless and firm sound of live drums aligned with electronic beats is a great creative approach towards building up for the chorus. Similarly, we can hear a very well mixed acoustic and electric guitar covering a wider range of dynamics.

The bass has its own place in this song playing stunning basslines, teaming up with other instruments. The vocals are deep and broad, fitting perfectly in this song, accompanied by harmonies. Guitar solos are short and encourage the ongoing flow of this song. 

Filled with soothing yet high energy 'Thin Blue Line' by Matt Westin is available on YouTube.

A word from Matt Westin:

"This song was inspired by my long-time friendships with some of the men and women in blue. They are some of the most loyal, selfless, brave, and inspiring people I’ve ever met. I’ve heard their horror stories. I’ve seen the heartbreak in their eyes. I’ve watched them deal with the darkest of what the world has to offer, and yet come home each day to be fathers and mothers, husbands and wives. The sacrifices they make and the bravery it takes to wonder if you’ll come home from work each day is something that I can’t begin to comprehend because I haven’t had to. They chose to, for us. This song is to honour them. This is an anthem in tribute to everything that the “Thin Blue Line” stands for."

About Matt Westin:

Matt Westin
"Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, Matt Westin’s debut album, “Legacy” is dedicated to the memory of his late father. Matt gave up a promising career as an engineer to be a country musician and actor. Matt’s first single, “Our Redneck of the Woods” reached the IndieWorld Country chart and the European Country Music Association charts. Matt was also on the Top 200 International Country Artists chart. Follow up singles, “Farm Town” and “You Leave Me No Choice” also received international airplay and charting.  His last two singles, “Stomp On” and “Hey Bro” are from his forthcoming EP, to be released on MTS Records.  Both singles reached the Top 100 Airplay Today country chart, while “Stomp On” reached the iTunes country sales Top 40.  He will star as Johnny Cash in upcoming film production, starring Baywatch’s Donna D’Errico (116 MacDougal.)

Matt is a two-time International Music and Entertainment Association Male Country Artist of the Year. He appeared in the October 10, 2018 issue of Billboard Magazine as an Emerging Artist.  His newest single “Thin Blue Line” is scheduled for a February 26th, 2021 release."

See Your Shadow - 'Showdown'
As focused, rocking and energetic as this song sounds, it also conveys a strong message of fighting for what's right and having a 'showdown' without worrying about the odds. A wide crunchy guitar plays vibrant riffs and picks up the rhythm right from the start. With a touch of rock through such a guitar tone, we also get massive input from the drums, shooting tight and edgy kicks and snare. A fantastic blend of acoustic and electric elements is what makes the music of this song so juicy. Vocals are accurate in lyric delivery showing us how passionate the singer is to impress a feeling or state of emotion on the listener.

The composition is in its natural form representing its genre but also holds a wise and thoughtful way to exhibit the talent of arrangement through variations in melody and rhythm.

Definitely listen to 'Showdown' by See Your Shadow on Spotify.

The story behind 'Showdown':

“Showdown”, See Your Shadow’s latest release was written by Michael “The Metropolitan Cowboy” Coleman in collaboration with a long time See Your Shadow partner J. Richard Murray.  The two men, one from Ohio and one from Indiana, had written several songs together via long-distance but had never written together in the same room.  Rich approached Michael about a writing competition he had heard about.  The competition was for a 90s act that was looking for a piece to revive their career.  The competition was taking place in Nashville over a weekend and the songwriters were not told who they were writing for, or what they were being asked to write about until the day of the competition. The writers would then have one day to write the song and then present it to a celebrity panel and audience.  The task was to come up with a piece that had a poker-related element to it as who they were writing for was a singer who was also a competitive poker player on the Vegas circuit.  The two men locked themselves in a hotel room and the result was, “Showdown”.  When See Your Shadow rebranded with their new sound, Artistic Director, Michael Coleman, decided to produce a new updated version of the piece which was voted by the crowd as their favourite at that competition, but not selected by the panel.  “You should have seen the look on our faces when we didn’t win. I mean the crowd went nuts over this piece,” says Michael Coleman, “The irony however is that the piece that was selected, didn’t move the needle on the artist's career, so maybe they should have listened to the audience. I am just glad they are now able to give this piece a new life and share it with our fans.”
About See Your Shadow:

"See Your Shadow Songwriting is a musical creation entity currently based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Run by Michael Coleman, aka The Metropolitan Cowboy, See Your Shadow is unique in the fact that it is a collaborative network of talented vocalists and musicians who make the songs it creates their star.  Michael Coleman, the artistic director of See Your Shadow Songwriting, writes and produces all the songs created and released by See Your Shadow Songwriting.  See Your Shadow was launched in Columbus, Ohio, and takes its name from Michael Coleman’s birthday being Groundhog Day.  Michael Coleman and See Your Shadow Songwriting’s lyrical writing style packs such a punch, that Michael has earned the distinction of being the only professional songwriter ever nominated for the office of Poet Laureate for the State of Ohio. After primarily being known for its dance club music, and its work in film and television, See Your Shadow Songwriting rebranded itself and decided to switch its focus and sound to its first love, country and western.  With a new stable of vocalists and musicians, See Your Shadow Songwriting, has crafted and developed its new sound harkening back to the vivid storytelling and emotion of old school country. Single, “I Will Tell Jesus You Said Hello” reached #1 on the iTunes Country Songs chart in South Africa while receiving national and international airplay and charting. Follow up, “My Worth” duplicated that feat. You can learn more about See Your Shadow Songwriting and experience the See Your Shadow Songwriting sound at its flagship website."

Richard Lynch - 'Christmas Time'
This song conveys exactly what its title says, the most Christmassy song ever! A light-hearted song, showing love for life and memories. A sweet piano covers most of the melodies with glittery guitar strumming, defining the rhythm and maintaining the soft charm of the song. The bass is warm, and a twanging guitar playing riffs and licks with vibratos adds a unique country style to this song. The theme of the music stays pretty much consistent ensuring that the listener experiences that delightful Christmas spirit. Richard's voice is deep and relaxed hitting those low notes with accuracy. The drums are light too, with subtle variations keeping the rhythmic pattern simple and easygoing.

The whole style of performance is sorted and uncomplicated keeping its core full of emotion that listeners can sing along.

Definitely listen to 'Christmas Time' by Richard Lynch on YouTube.

About Richard Lynch:

Richard Lynch - 'Christmas Time'
"Upholding the traditions set forth by artists like Haggard, Strait, Jackson, Jennings and other legends, Richard Lynch has been flying the flag for this brand of country music for the past 30+ years.  Residing in Waynesville, OH, Lynch not only sings about country music..he LIVES it. As the owner of Keepin’ It Country Farm with his wife, Donna, Richard knows the meaning of a day’s hard work. As the co-founder of the Love Tattoo Foundation, which assists with veterans programs, Lynch understands the sacrifices of our servicemen and women and the importance of giving back to your community.  In fact, his farm plays host to fundraising benefits for the organization featuring some of the biggest names in traditional country music. Richard also cherishes his love and respect for God, family, and his fellow hard-working Americans. The words of his songs speak to his values...values that his fans and lovers of country music everywhere hold dear.

Over the past 3 decades, Richard Lynch has compiled a long list of country hits and chart-toppers on both domestic and international sales and radio airplay charts, including two #1 iTunes chart singles, multiple #1 New Music Weekly radio songs, #1 IndieWorld and Roots Music Report chart tracks and a Christian Music Weekly Top 20 single.  Richard has been in Billboard Magazine, Taste Of Country, The Boot, CCM Magazine, Country Music People, and countless others. He has also appeared on WSM Radio Nashville, RFD TV, Fox TV and more.  He has recorded popular duets with legendary artists like Ronnie McDowell and Leona Williams, as well as Grammy Winner, Rhonda Vincent.  Richard Lynch is a proud member of the Ohio Country Music Hall of Fame and the Independent Country Music Hall of Fame.

On February 12th, 2021, Richard Lynch will release his brand new album, “My Guitar Drips Country” featuring 12 songs written or co-written by Richard, including his touching tribute to the late Doug Supernaw."

Louise Cappi - 'Keep That Dream Alive'
Straight from the beginning, the rhythm takes the senses via fantastic basslines and mellow guitars igniting the blaze. Louise has a breathtaking voice, covering aspects of jazz style with amazing vibratos and note extensions, a superb balance of energy and range. We get terrific kick and snare drums accompanied by ticking hi-hat and filling percussion. The vocal chorus is live and raw just like the voice, untouched by over-processing. The fluidity on the guitar, especially during the solo is stunning, giving listeners a perfect taste of the genre filled with complex composition. The song is overall very melodious and words sit with intricate rhythmic patterns extremely well.

Definitely listen to 'Keep That Dream Alive' by Louise Cappi on Spotify.

About Louise Cappi:

Louise Cappi
"Louise Cappi is an internationally acclaimed New Orleans-based singer/songwriter, recording artist and entertainer. She is the daughter of the late great New York jazz guitarist, Al Cappi.  Louise and her band pack the house on Friday and Saturday nights at her weekly residency at Mahogany Jazz Hall, in New Orleans. She has also been a regular performer on the NYC music scene. Cappi has received global rave reviews for her music.

Powerful, explosive, humorous & soul-stirring is the only way to describe her music and live performances. Louise Cappi, aka,  "A genre of her own".

New single “Hope” coming this July on MTS Records. The new album HOPE is due this fall!"

HeIsTheArtist - (COVER) 'I Want You Around'

'I Want You Around' by Snoh Aalegra is covered here by HeIsTheArtist. The cover will never be close to how great the original is but here we can cover the aspect regarding the music and overall feel of this cover. Keeping it straight and simple, this cover is easy-going, the music is identical to the original in relation to the ambience and flow. Depth can be felt in the beats and Rhodes playing along with it. The important thing to notice is that music is the only thing except the vocals that sustains the quality and some level of emotion that are borrowed from the original. Replication is the key to this song although the vocals are very muted and are very far from the original.

Ashley Puckett - 'Live Like You Love'

A slow and steady song filled with warmth as well as an edgy tone with vibrant colours. This song is like an already solved puzzle, revealing itself piece by piece while beautifully glued together. The composition has ravishing chords, strumming and sustained through guitars. A dense bass tone fills the lows directing the progressions of the chords and crispy acoustic guitars cover the highs. Mildly compressed drums maintain their position, throwing rhythmic power and having an impressive transition to and from electronic beats. Ashley's voice is firm and full of energy establishing the emotional aspect of the song through expressive and meaningful melodies and lyrics.

A slight offbeat layering of instruments may or may not be on purpose but definitely blends in with the overall mix. The flow of the song is engaging and perfectly represents the feelings the song intends.
Definitely listen to 'Live Like You Love' by Ashley Puckett on Spotify.

About Ashley Puckett:

Ashley Puckett

"Ashley Puckett was born and raised in North Huntingdon, just east of Pittsburgh,   Pennsylvania.  Ashley realized her passion for music at a young age, performing at vocal competitions and community events, and eventually, landing at open-mic nights and shows in bars and clubs, doing anything to keep the music and her passion alive.  Her musical influences have been empowering..shaping the artist she has become: Ladies like Lee Ann Womack, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Jo Dee Messina, Carol King and LeAnn Rimes.  At age sixteen Ashley picked up the guitar, began writing songs, and the adventurous country girl hit the road.

Somewhere between skydiving and bungee jumping, Ashley was introduced to world-class Singer/Songwriter/Producer, Bryan Cole and Lead Sound Engineer, Doug Kasper at Tonic Studios.  With legendary musicians, Mike Brignardello (bass), John Willis (banjo), Mike Johnson (Steel Guitar), Heidi Engel and Tammy Petty ( Background Vocals) and hot newcomer, Adam Ernst, Ashley’s debut album and a lifelong dream, “Never Say Never” was made a reality. The album will be released on MTS Records on February 14, 2020, with the first single, “Medicine” having been released in August 2019.  The single charted nationally on the IndieWorld Country Record Report and Airplay Today country charts.

The new single, “Bulletproof” was released on January 9th, 2020, Ashley’s birthday. The song raced to the top of the iTunes country singles chart in South Africa, also becoming a #1 radio hit on the New Music Weekly country chart.

"I've never given up on where I wanted to be (in the music industry), however, when life pulls you in so many different directions, it sometimes takes you off-guard, and it becomes very easy to lose sight.  I believe everything happens for a reason, and although I feel I'm always at the wrong place at the wrong time, somehow that led me to the right place at the right time, to say ‘It's now or never’ after meeting Bryan and Doug.  The energy the three of us have, working together, and their dedication is so exciting...I know this is just the beginning of something spectacular."

Scoot Horton - 'Empty Bottles'
'Empty bottles' consists of 12 songs loaded with a well-rounded Americana experience. With a completely natural sound, the album is presented in a vintage, raw style nicely avoiding an over-polished, modern music style of music production. Loosely compressed acoustic and electric guitars strum their way alongside drums playing various rhythmic patterns. Riffs and fillers share the space in between vocals with some short creative solos. Traditional instruments like fiddle, pedal steel and accordion bring an authentic tone to this album. A lot of punk energies and effects can be heard and felt in many songs adding a unique taste for the listeners.

Vocals are sharp and straightforward like other musical elements in the album with the addition of a duet in some songs. The harmonies in 'Cannonball' are colourful and filled with ear-pleasing melodies.

Uplift the artistic American roots of music by going on a fantastic ride with the 'Empty Bottles' album by Scoot Horton. Available on February 11th 2022.

About Scoot Horton:

Scoot Horton
Growing up Scoot always loved music. Then while in High School he heard the Sex Pistols and he knew what he wanted to do. He had to get in a band. It took a few years but he helped form his first hardcore/punk band No Win Situation playing the guitar with them around the New York City area. After a few years, Awkward Thought came to being with whom he toured the Northeast U.S. and did a short tour of Europe. He played on Awkward Thought’s – “Mayday”  full length as well as the “Fear Not” ep. During this time he also played the guitar in Swish that released a 7” ep and a Cd called “Alles Still Goed”. Scoot left Awkward Thought and helped start his next band Shell Shock. Shell Shock played from coast to coast in the U.S. and he played on their full length “Born to Kill” as well as a few eps. Shell Shock broke up and Scoot went solo as the rest of the band got a new guitarist and formed On the Loose. Scoot had started doing open mic’s playing songs he had written in the folk/country/Americana style. Music that he always loved even while playing punk/hardcore. He released two well-received demos and is now about to release his first solo full-length cd in  September 2015 called “627” with his brand of sing-along songs. This is how a few people have described what I do: “Sex Pistols meet Woody Guthrie”  Thom Joyce “Elvis Costello meets Woody Guthrie”  George Gierer  (Well they agree on Woody) “Anti-Folk” Rick Rock (Founder of Tribes Hill) So be on the lookout for a show near you. When you hear about one, come on in, grab a chair, and sing along.

Marlena Peters - Marlena Peters holds a Masters in Music Education from the College of Saint Rose, Albany, NY. She has worked as a music educator for over twenty-three years working in New York State public schools. Through the years Marlena has produced and performed in many fundraisers for various charities and currently serves on the United Nations NGO Committee on Children’s Rights. Marlena played keyboards and sang backups with the Max Graham Band throughout New York City in clubs such as The Bitter End, the Red Lion, and the Living Room. Marlena is thrilled to be working side by side with her man, Scoot Horton, singing covers and Scoot Horton originals.

If Nothing Else - 'Dirty'
Deep vocals and a unique fusion of multiple genres is the identity of this album. Mostly coated with country elements, a layer of rock is gently injected into all the songs. Strong drums have depth, with the vocals separating them from other higher-pitched elements. The guitars are crunchy and add colour through their smoothly performed riffs, fillers and overall tone. Right from the first song 'Ode to a Headstone', we can feel the pure strong driving force in the music, but not at the expense of the thematic melodies or harmonies. The energy doesn't dip too low at any point and all tracks hook into the energetic power of the one before it, which keeps the album engaging and entertaining.

Chord progressions are simple and thoughtful, influencing the emotion delivered in each song. The lyricism and composition are packed with creativity and talent underpinning the passion that this band has for their music. The end of the last song on the album literally communicates with the listeners, adding a hint of a live performance flavour.

Definitely listen to 'Dirty' by If Nothing Else on Spotify.

About If Nothing Else:

"Hailing from Central Minnesota, If Nothing Else is here to blast your speakers and get your toes tapping. While performing live, these four musicians combine their talents, experience, and love of music to form a true bond with their audience. They have made the perfect fusion of country, roots rock and outlaw, which they have so dutifully coined “Northern Rock”. If Nothing Else guarantees an exciting and enthusiastic live performance that is sure to get the audience up on their feet dancing. Their second studio EP Dirty takes a deeper dive into the bands' outlaw roots with songs like “Ode to a Headstone” and “Dirty”. If this EP can get you to crack a beer, nod your head and get a “yep” out of you, it did its job."

If Nothing Else - 'Dirty'
The band members, in their own words:

Jacob Bushman - bass

I am the Bassist for the band and I'm 32. I have been playing bass for 13 years. I really started to hone in my abilities in college which I attended for music theory, composition and new media. I Met the rest of the band at an open mic in St. Cloud, Minnesota. It’s been a great time so far! I lost all hearing in my left ear in 2019 after undergoing surgery to remove a vestibular schwannoma near my brain stem. Thankfully it didn’t affect my playing ability. My inspiration comes from a wide variety of genres and life experiences.

Dan “Boone” Skoog - guitar, vocals

Boone is a 33-year-old electrician and proud father of 3 handsome boys. His fiancée of 10 Years makes it possible for him to do what he loves. He plays Lead Guitar, sings regular vocals on songs like That’s Where I Belong and Tongue Tied, and Backing vocals on many other tracks. Boone started playing the guitar at the age of 13 years old and hasn’t stopped playing for 20 years. His main musical influences are AC/DC, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Kenny Wayne Shepherd. Although he plays country-rock in INE, his favourite music to listen to is Post Hardcore Punk Rock.

Nick Willard - vocals, guitar

Nicholas is 26 years old and is the rhythm guitarist and one of the lead vocalists for If Nothing Else. Nick started off playing the bass guitar when he was 13 and transitioned over to regular guitar when he was 17. He has been singing in theatrical productions since kindergarten. Drawing a lot of his writing for this band from his experience growing up on over 20 acres of meadow. Bailing hay and hanging out with his friends draws lots of inspiration for him. As per musical inspirations, names such as Mark Hoppus, Brantley Gilbert, and Hayley Williams comes to mind. He is always looking to grow himself as a guitarist, vocalist and entertainer in general.

Justin Willard - drums

I got my first drum set when I was 13 (Now 32). The first two songs I learned to play were “Smoke on the Water” and “Wild Thing”. I had a couple reasons why I wanted to play the drums. The first was because one of my friends played the guitar and the second was because my elementary school band teacher told me I couldn't play the snare cause I didn’t have enough rhythm. He put me on trombone which resulted in a lot of fun elephant noises, so I quit… or got kicked out. The details are fuzzy now. I’ve gone through many music phases in my career but I'm not going to bore you with the details cause you know where I'm at now. I get to go up on stage and write kick-ass tunes with a great bunch of guys, who are quite literally my family, and I wouldn’t want to take this ride with anyone else.

The Jode Gannon Band - 'Love Don't Bring Me Down'
Starting with an interesting strumming pattern, playing chord progression with ease, this song instantly connects emotionally with the listener. A sweet and expansive mix of guitar and piano along with a wealth of intriguing violin melodies helps emotion emerge from the tune, very thoughtful! For a while, these instruments play amazing harmonies and melodic compositions that build up the theme of this song. Even at the head of the track, the rhythmic pattern is well established. The vocals are impressive, they are raw, slightly raspy and create a strong impact. The voice also has a significant range, touching many notes and performing variations right from the start.

The instruments slowly evolve their patterns, adding more variety to support the transition to the upcoming rhythm. With the drums introduced almost toward the middle of the piece, they add weight and boost the energy of the song. A deep kick punches through the musical throng and a narrow, sharp snare intelligently expands via reverb. Combined with hi-hats and cymbals, these instruments become the backbone of the tempo of the song. The music connects with the heart and unlocks all aspects of composition and lyricism to its true magical potential. As the song reaches the climax, the vocals touch the highest note, hi-hats are opened and cymbals shine through the beats with every detailed musical element dissolving within the other. The song ends, sustaining warmth, and slowly fades out.

Definitely listen to 'Love Don't Bring Me Down' performed by The Jode Gannon Band on Spotify.

About The Jode Gannon Band:

The Jode Gannon Band
"A two-piece Indie Rock band based in London and hailing from Sydney, Australia, The Jode Gannon Band brings a fresh mix that'll have you reminiscing, moshing and anthem singing. Formed by the man Jode himself in 2017, bringing a unique and powerful voice, with drummer, Dan, strolling in a bit further down the line. A story that deserves its own song, Jode met Dan on one unassuming night that probably deserves its own song in early 2021. It didn't take long for the boys to discover their mutual passion for music and given how things had kicked off in the first moments, they had a rehearsal studio booked that night for the next week... the rest is history. 2022 will be a massive one but for now, enjoy their latest release "Love Don't Bring Me Down" and look forward to a few more releases over the coming months. JGB."

Jay Elle - 'Tequila Kiss'

A greatly crafted song, 'Tequila Kiss' is performed with excellence in music as well as vocals. So many turns in chord progressions, transitioning seamlessly between pitch and altering the base melody smoothly shows the complexity in composition. Rhythm is built with mildly compressed drums with a piercing snare and deep kick layered with percussions. Strings sitting behind the mix can be heard sustaining notes and pouring emotion into the song. The guitar is well synchronized with beats and melodies of what sounds like high octave Rhodes extending the vibe. Long reverbs and delays on vocals are beautifully arranged and the voice has the necessary softness and strength in the appropriate places.

Compression has a lot to do with this song, attenuation of all musical elements is highly dependent on it. Dramatic pauses are interesting as they are either a new chord progression or sub-melody of the song. This song outsmarts the expectations of even a musical genius. 

Definitely listen to 'Tequila Kiss' by Jay Elle on Spotify.

About Jay Elle:

"Jay Elle is an acoustic rock-pop singer-songwriter who brings warmth and energy through diverse, well-crafted, “five stars”, guitar-driven melodic songs. His soft inviting voice will uplift and soothe your spirits and his witty lyrics will provoke deeper thoughts about the world while sharing optimistic, positive, upbeat messages that will “have you carry on with your day with a smile”. Jay Elle’s latest release, the 12 song album “Ride the Wave”, was recorded, mixed and produced by Caleb “KBC” Sherman (Cygnus Sound Studio). The album was mastered by Paul Logus (plxmastering.com). “The pandemic feels like one of those endless rainy days that I hated as a child. Boring!!!!!” says Jay Elle. “Back then, on rainy days I couldn’t go out. According to my mom, if I were to get my hair wet I would most certainly catch a cold. Apparently, everyone else’s mother thought so too. There was no one to hang around with on rainy days. At home, I was on lockdown with the same old toys. No guitar then. No Internet. My new album, RIDE THE WAVE, is about how to best enjoy yourself while waiting for the sun to shine again."

Sarantos - 'I Feel You'
Wide strings and the breathtaking choir is the essence of this song. The combination of piano and guitar adds an interesting touch to the song sharing a tone that is one of a kind. The composition of vocals is really thoughtful and the melody is supported by a creative chord progression that corresponds to the emotion of this song. Soft drums leave a hint of a rhythmic pattern but a prominent bass really defines it. The music is great and the sound is expansive with the core feeling perfectly represented in the form of the calm and peaceful nature of the song. Although the mix could have been better, the tune of the song brings the theme of the song to the forefront.

The panning of instrumental timing is well done and overall the song is pleasant to listen to. 

Definitely listen to 'I Feel You' by Sarantos on YouTube.

About Sarantos:

"Sarantos is a DIY international award-winning solo music artist, singer-songwriter, proud nerd, multi-instrumentalist, book author, comic book nut, radio show host, poet and part-time spy. His music is a cross between Queen, Michael Jackson and Ed Sheeran. 2021 is Year #8 of his journey. Sarantos continues to release a new song, music video, book chapter and poem every month shaping his music to life! In 7 years, he has released 14 albums with 178 original tracks as well as 7 fiction/fantasy books that parallel the songs! He has had numerous media placements for his songs, instrumentals & cues.

Every year until the day he dies, Sarantos will release a new song and lyric video on the 1st week of every month, a new music video the 2nd week, a new book chapter the 3rd week, and a new Uncut Behind The Scenes video & Poem the 4th week of every month. The CD & book will then be released every November along with a surprise Instrumental CD. Every year. Forever.

Sarantos has been nominated for the International Music & Entertainment Association Awards, Hollywood Music In Media Awards, Josie Music Awards and the Hollywood Songwriting Awards. He currently has over 1 million Social Media followers and has been consistently rated #1 on Reverbnation in the rock and even pop genre worldwide.  Sarantos has performed at multiple venues including the Toronto Music Festival to a sold-out live audience. His May 2021 single, “I Never Catch The Train” reached #1 on the iTunes South Africa chart, and stayed there for multiple days. It also hit Top 5 on the UK iTunes charts!

Sarantos is proud to donate a portion of all proceeds to charity, hopefully inspiring other artists to do the same. His fans help him choose the charity each month. A few of the charities chosen so far include the American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, Make-a-Wish Foundation, American Heart Association, St Jude's, American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Children's Hospital of Chicago, Feed The Starving Children, Meals on Wheels, Alcoholics Anonymous and many more.

Sarantos also hosts “The Songwriter Show” which is broadcast live on #1 ranked Pesmou Radio with listeners in all 206 countries in the world and every state in the US."

HeIsTheArtist - 'Sumthin' Sumthin' (Disco Funk Version)'
Ok! First of all, listeners who have heard the original version will definitely understand what this song is all about. This track is a cover that is also a remix of the original. With that in mind, it does try its hardest to stay true to its roots. The time wrapping done on the vocals does distract the listeners from the music a little and what seems like an untimely space between words are the vocals struggling to gel with the core vibe of the song. It is difficult indeed to customise a classic but proceeding with just an intention to make it won't cover the song fully unless the creator has in-depth knowledge of the missed opportunities within it.

Having said that, with a similarity true to the original it has a fast-paced rhythm along with some variations. The beat switches its accent over the course of the track, preserving the tempo to retain engagement. The melody is calm, nice and repetitive and most of the music is well mixed and mastered with punchy beats and enough compression.

You can listen to HeIsTheArtist - 'Sumthin' Sumthin' (Disco Funk Version)' on SoundCloud.

About Heistheartist:

"Heistheartist (He Is The Artist) is an American Christian singer-songwriter from Central Islip, NY. Formerly a secular neo-soul singer signed to "Bentley Records" under his biological name "LeeMann Bassey," Heistheartist discovered that his true calling was with the Lord after hearing an inspiring sermon by TD Jakes online one day. That day he was inspired to teach the world about the Lord like TD Jakes did with his Sermon but through music. His single, “Boom (Remastered)” hit #1 on the Christian/Gospel charts in South Africa, followed by a #1 iTunes Jazz mash-up of Britney Spears and Snoh Aalegra. The instrumental, “Snake Charmer” is HITA’s first release of 2021. It reached #8 on the UK EDM iTunes chart. A new single, a cover of Maxwell’s neo-soul classic, “Sumthin’ Sumthin’” is out on MTS Records now, including the disco-funk remix!"

Tedi Brunetti - 'Eat, Sleep, Repeat'
Tedi Brunetti's 'Eat, Sleep Repeat' is something you surely will repeat! A live version of this song where the audience chants enthusiastically along with Tedi can definitely be imagined. Shuffling beats, juicy basslines, melodic complex blues chord progressions performed by classic jazz instruments is the strong base of this piece. Vocals do massive justice to the flow of the song. The natural talent in the music and the throw of words in Tedi Brunetti's vocals signifies the level of passion and involvement. This song is intelligently mixed, as every instrument can be heard clearly even if it is layered with other elements. Intricacy can be seen in composition and in the use of every beat and off-beat being utilised toward boosting the mood of the track.

The chorus is influential and addictive, verses, pre-chorus and other sections of this song are arranged in a way that can be used as a metaphor that reveals the meaning of this song. When you hear it, you'll definitely see what I mean...

Definitely listen to Tedi Brunetti - 'Eat, Sleep, Repeat' available on all platforms.

About Tedi Brunetti"

"To say Tedi Brunetti has “seen everything” during her career in music would be a vast understatement. The drummer, singer and songwriter from Pittsburgh grew up listening to songs on a transistor radio while banging away on a hamper and old hat boxes. Describing herself as a “sober Janis Joplin meeting Steely Dan in Memphis,” it wasn’t long before Tedi was touring with New York City’s The Impalas, Toronto’s infamous B-Girls and performing with Isis’ Carol MacDonald before finally deciding to launch her solo career."

Gary Pratt - 'Country To the Bone'
Listeners are assured of a shiver down the spine when listening to the intro of this song. Broad electric guitars, their strong vibrations, forceful rhythmic patterns with a firm kick and sharp snare ensure that the theme of this song is robust and ambitious. A country song at heart, yet it pushes every single musical element, admirably breaking the limits of its genre. Guitar riffs are impressive and add a lot of colour to this song, staying bright behind the vocals as well as filling the spaces in between. The listener is treated to one of the coolest guitar solos, connecting to the bridge section of this song. The strength in the artist to keep this song consistently vibrant is immeasurable and really appreciated.

The Voice of Gary Pratt is an ultimate pleasure to listen to. The potential that this voice holds can be heard through numerous variations and harmonies just in this one piece. Crispy hi-hats and cymbals make a lot of difference during softened and loud sections of this track. Overall the song is grand, addictive and delivers its meaning through outstanding music and words that the listener won't become tired of listening to.

Definitely listen to Gary Pratt - 'Country To the Bone' on Spotify and all other streaming platforms.

About Gary Pratt:

"Gary Pratt is a singer, a songwriter, and most of all, an energetic country entertainer, who connects with his audience. He grew up in the small, old coal-mining town of Slickville, Pennsylvania. In addition to being the frontman for several local bands in the Pittsburgh area, he has had the experience of hitting the Nashville club and showcase scene. He has had the pleasure of singing at the Tennessee State Fair, Rocky Gap Music Festival and CMA Fest.  Gary has been the opening act for such greats as Dwight Yoakum, Pam Tillis, Lorrie Morgan, Ronnie Milsap and Crystal Gayle, to name a few.  

His March album release, "Something Worth Remembering'' (MTS Records), is dedicated to his brother, who recently passed. The album is a combination of Gary's originals and songs written by hit Nashville songwriters. The title track was written by Grammy Award Nominee, Tony Arata, who wrote Garth Brooks' "The Dance". In the making for more than a year, the album was recorded at Tonic Studios with Engineer Doug Kasper, Producer Bryan Cole (Ashley Puckett, Savannah) and Musician/Artist Adam Ernst. Excited about this new album, Gary invited MTS Records’ award-winning male vocalist Matt Westin and multiple international #1 iTunes female vocalist Savannah (Nider) to help out on a few songs.  Savannah and Gary recorded the duet he wrote, "To Find Us", at Omni Studios in Nashville. The album contains the international #1 iTunes smash, “A Song You Can Drink a Beer To.” 

Gary is a 2021 International Singer-Songwriters Association Award Winner and a 2021 Josie Music Awards nominee. 

A man of faith, Gary is forever thankful to God for walking with him through life, paving this musical journey and putting the gift of music in his heart.  Not only has music been an outlet emotionally that has helped Gary through some rough times, but it has also brought the family together and has introduced him to some of the most amazing people he is proud to call friends."

Ed Roman - 'Happiness' (pop rock)
A unique colourful song, with emphasis on tight drums and guitar leading the rhythm at the beginning. A synth lead plays the tune, uplifting the mood and the overall sentiment fits perfectly with the title of the song. Many small elements in the form of percussion, and synth pads playing at multiple octaves of related chords add warmth and tone. The music is light and delightful to listen to, and simplicity is the beauty of this song. The lyricism is pleasant and the composition is comforting. Chord progressions change further in the song also altering the way the song feels and how it delivers emotion. Variations in the melody and rhythm are widely used keeping the freshness. Easygoing sensations come to life within this amazing song by Ed Roman.

Definitely listen to Ed Roman - 'Happiness' available on Spotify.

About Ed Roman:

"Ed Roman is an Award-winning singer/songwriter, performer and multi-instrumentalist froEd’s uniquely crafted songs have received regular rotation on more than 100 terrestrial radio stations across North America and more than 600 stations, worldwide. Ed was featured as an “Emerging Artist” in Billboard Magazine, December 2018. The animated music video for the Top 20 iTunes charting song, “Red Omen” has been shown at numerous film festivals around the globe, earning accolades and raising funds for Whole Dyslexic Foundation, a cause near and dear to Ed’s heart.  Ed is also a gentleman farmer, gardener and paranormal enthusiast.  Ed’s single, “Stronger” was released in January 2020 on MTS Records. The song raced onto the iTunes Canada Pop charts, and it was followed by an iTunes South Africa chart-topper, “Tomorrow Is Today.” His current single is “Happiness.”

AWARDS: Ed is an Artists Music Guild Award Nominee, an International Music and Entertainment Association Award Winner, an IMEA Award nominee, a Josie Show Awards winner, an Akademia m Shelburne, Ontario, Canada. Blurring the lines between pop, rock, folk, and country music genres, Awards Winner, and an Indie Music Channel Award winner, as well as a Radio Music Award winner."