'Echoing' by Lotte Pearl

A song to which most of us can relate! 'Echoing' is completely wrapped by Lotte's soothing vocals and soft indie guitars. Lotte's voice has a good range, and with this range the voice has still managed to pull off all the emotion that this song needs without over-sharpening or being harsh. 

The most creative part of this song is the way words are placed around the beats keeping the melody intact. Arranging lyrics written in the form of a casual style with a rhythm that carries the interesting and core musical element throughout, is really something Lotte has successfully done.

We also get a treat of a guitar solo along the way and can also enjoy the flexible vibrato in Lotte's voice.

Definitely listen to 'Echoing' by Lotte Pearl on Youtube.

A note from Lotte Pearl:

"Hello! My name is Lotte I am an 18 year old singer-songwriter from Lewes in England. I have been gigging around local venues since I was 16! In early 2020 I released my first single 'Jet Black Hair' after recording it in my grandma's house with my new gear I got for Christmas. I have released an EP and two singles, in late 2020 I had my debut London gig. Some of my musical inspirations are 21 pilots, Leonard Cohen, and MIKA. I would describe my style as alternative Indie pop!"

'Life Inside a Dream' by Stains of a Sunflower

'Life Inside a Dream' is a song that perfects the interpretation of what a dream can be! 
This song sets a solid rhythm from the very beginning and then fills with a beautiful spiral of variations. Here, the concept of a dream is where you are free from reality and reality is bound by limits and this song unleashes the true meaning of a dream by the way it is written as well as composed. The chord progression in this song is well thought out and creates a dreamy vibe. The vocals have the perfect balance of strength and softness, and, with a delicate touch of harmonies, the singer has fulfilled the emotion that this song intends to deliver to listeners.

The bass-line is well composed and runs nicely underneath with the drums further sustaining a strong energy.With all the vocals and instruments combined, this song has one more layer that really defines a life inside a dream and it's not just that it has well written lyrics, but a unique reverse sampling effect that is not overdone but has, in fact, become the signature of this song.

Definitely listen to 'Life Inside a Dream' by Stains of a Sunflower which was released on 21st June 2021 and is available everywhere.

About Stains of a Sunflower:

"Based in Los Angeles, CA, Stains of a Sunflower is the 90’s nostalgia soaked rock band you never knew you needed, but can’t stop thinking about once heard. Started in Boston, MA in 2015, they have dazzled audiences around the country from basements in Allston, MA to The Whiskey A Go Go in West Hollywood, CA. Their most recent EP, You Know it’s Such a Shame (2020), was described as “A trio of gorgeously sleek and potent anthems that center around RenĂ©e’s ever emphatic praise of the female spirit, unfolding with a sonic extravagance—like a Baz Luhrmann film meets 60’s Beatnik-transcendentalism—that the lead-singer never fails to go toe-to-toe with in her throaty cries” - Steven Ward, Grimy Goods. Inspired by modern influences such as Queens of the Stone Age, Death Cab for Cutie, Blur, Paramore, and Bent Knee, Stains of a Sunflower never fails to deliver a unique and well-developed approach to “rock” in both their music and performances."

'Nothing's Gonna Change This' by 'Vacant Bays'
Simplicity is the key element of this song, and yet the vibe you feel runs much deeper. It has many subtle details placed nicely throughout.

It's very catchy! This is helped along by a smooth combination of glittering guitars with minimal and intelligent chord progressions, and clean, amazing vocals. The warmth of the vocals create a soothing, optimistic feeling, and the punchy bass-line and thick drums are performed well, bringing a comforting weight.

This song will surely keep you engaged in dreams and memories. A song that everyone can relate to and enjoy!

'Nothing's Gonna Change This' by Vacant Bays was released on 16th June 2021 and is available on all streaming platforms.

Vacant Bays in their own words:

"Vacant Bays is a British duo from London, coming from humble beginnings as self-made independent artists. We draw on our love of all different music like rock, jazz, country and folk to create our unique sound that is hard to find anywhere else. This year we hope to continue to put out even more heart-warming music, and maybe meet a few happy faces when venues re-open for live performing."

'A Place Called Home' by Izzy Potter

It all starts with ambient sounds and then the soothing guitar and vocals take over your mind. ‘A Place Called Home’ is a song that will make you miss the place you always wanted to be. The voice in this song is a storyteller, it sets the mood and vibe of this song. The casual lyrics will make it endearing and personal to everyone for sure. Soft melodic elements are placed in the background nicely that run along the vocals throughout. The emotions that this song holds are well delivered. Subtle vocal harmonics make the track feel larger than life. A great start and a great end to the song definitely leaves a mark. The consistency of maintaining the vibe is well executed and there are many subtle layers that increase the depth.

Great song! Do listen to ‘A Place Called Home’ by Izzy Potter on popular streaming platforms -  https://songwhip.com/izzypotter/place-called-home.

Izzy Potter in her own words:

"Hi! I’m Izzy and I’m a 17 year old singer-songwriter from New York! I’ve been writing songs since I was 12 but music has always been something I loved since I was younger. I currently have 2 singles out now titled “Place Called Home” and “Selfish” and another one dropping soon which I’m very excited to announce. I plan to release an EP over the summer and am so excited to finish that up and share a piece of my heart with the world. Music is my greatest passion and I can’t imagine my life having any purpose without it. I hope if you take the time to listen to my music you’ll enjoy!"

'Vile!' by 'Barbizon'
'Vile!' by Barbizon is not just a song, it's a journey! A journey through various melodic and rhythmic variations. This song has a delightful mixture of electronic and acoustic sounds - very thoughtful composition. There are meaningful transitions which keeps it interesting till the end, and many noticeable and hidden elements scattered throughout that push the vibe even further. Very well done! The vocals are performed in a way which set the mood of this song nicely. Not at all overdone, the effects on vocals are a treat and so is the sweet reverbs and delays that are placed softly over it. The rhythm changes performed are next level.

They literally change the strength and impact of the emotions that the song pushes the listener to feel. The piano in this song is the cherry on top!

Great song! Definitely listen to ‘Vile!’ by ‘Barbizon’ on Spotify.

About ‘Barbizon’

"Barbizon is an emerging band based out of Vancouver, BC. The name serves as a pseudonym for James McKitrick, the author and composer of the bands’ songs. The female vocalist is Pelin Dogdas, a friend of James, they met during their studies at the University of British Columbia. Barbizon has been playing at different shows and bars all around British Columbia, Alberta, Toronto as well as New York, where James had the extraordinary privilege to perform some songs at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, where renowned poet Allen Ginsberg performed many times."