'Where You Belong' by Rory D'Lasnow
Starting with soft and smooth acoustic guitars that really set a soothing tone, this song is the definition of 'beauty in simplicity'. 

Rory D'Lasnow's voice will surely mesmerise, and before you know it, you'll be drifting away on the sheer vibe of this song. The lyrics are very expressive and depth can be felt in the words as well as the composition. Rory's minimal approach towards instrumentals, and vocals that express emotions through meaningful words will ensure that this song sinks warmly into your memory.

Rory D'Lasnow's control over the range of strength and softness of voice, and the way each end of that scale is used to express and support the lyrics is a real touch of genius, creating a strong medium between the artist and the hearts of listeners.

Deeper into the song synth pads emerge to sustain notes, not too dominating, just perfectly sitting behind the vocals and guitar. Lyrical phrases with meaningful pauses lead to a perfect balance of musical elements and vocals. Reverb in this song has its own place, and can be heard at a distance, pouring more into the emotion that this song delivers. 'Where You Belong' is a wonderful warm track that will stay with you for a long time.

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About Rory D'Lasnow:

"Rory D’Lasnow is a singer-songwriter from New Jersey who plays the guitar upside-down and backward. His unique contemplative sound has propelled him on to perform at some of the East Coast's most distinguished venues such as Mercury Lounge, Knitting Factory, Rockwood Music Hall in NYC and The Saint in Asbury Park. His penchant for evocative and vulnerable storytelling has earned him international radio airplay and has garnered praise from the likes of American Songwriter and Atwood Magazine. This year, Rory released his new EP, entitled “Songs From An Empty Room."

'Someone to Rely On' by All Eyes
Very atmospheric, this song slowly takes over your mind. The synchronisation of bass-line and beats is so well composed that it will definitely trigger hidden emotions. The leading vocals are fresh and bold. The voice has a perfect balance of a clean and breathy tone which is stylistically used, truly mesmerising! The warmth of the synth pads sits in the background gradually revealing a sweet chord progression accompanying the vocals among the beats and the bass-line. This combination unlocks the true potential of this song, a magical and mysterious yet familiar vibe. As the song moves on, we experience the art of sound through vocal harmonies and variations in musical elements.

The guitar fills the empty spaces with melodies pushing the boundaries and impact. This song is completely absorbing and its message related to self-observation or introspection and figuring out conscious thoughts and feelings.

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A word about All Eyes:

"Minnesota's frigid reputation dissembles its true nature, which is a place of deep contrast. Bitter cold winters give way to lush, humid summers. A warm, over-polite reaction often means keep your distance. Some who stay here learn to embrace dissimilarity. Such is the case for Alicia & Joe Christenson, who make music as All Eyes. Their sound "restlessly push[es] at the margins, shifting and morphing, defying... broad categorization" (Jonathan Garrett, City Pages).

The couple is veterans of the Minneapolis music scene -- Alicia as a singer, songwriter, and keyboardist, and Joe as a producer and guitarist -- and they came together just as Alicia dreamt up All Eyes's first release, Shelf Life. The album explores themes of loss, connection, helplessness, and resolve. The sonics contrast live and programmed drums, jarring guitars, and Alicia's haunting, whispery vocals.

The couple explores similar themes and sounds on their second release, Change. Synths, programmed drums, and vocal harmonies feature more prominently, but the songs and production continue to toy with boundaries and expectations."

'No Made Promises' by Melissa Cherie
Mellow, clean electric guitars set the melodic atmosphere around us, while strong depth of creative chord progressions perfectly trigger the emotion of this song. Low, smooth bass playing at the back of colourful guitars adds warmth. We are quickly introduced to the mesmerising, hypnotising and distinctive voice of Melissa Cherie with thoughtful lyrics. Every element together in this song offers a form of escapism. This track is extremely well composed, evolving yet maintaining a consistent vibe, like stepping up on a ladder each time a new instrument is introduced. A truly artistic approach. Drums and a pinch of other percussive instruments set a reliable rhythm, the kick and snare keeping time like a clock ticking, pacing the song until the end.

There is so much to explore in this song - beautiful vocal harmonies, acoustic piano and violins with sustaining ambient sounds touch the peak of the listeners emotion. In a whole new turn, this song walks us engagingly to the end, adding a rock element with magnified, crispy electric guitars, drums and bass dominated by powerful vocals and harmonies. With the addition of bass vocals accompanying Melissa's voice, this song surprises the listener by adding a touch of brass which really showcases the experimental side of this song. As smoothly it all started, smoothly it ends.

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About Melissa Cherie

"Melissa Cherie is a singer-songwriter with a band from northern NJ.  For fans of: Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, Death Cab for Cutie."

To find out more about Melissa, visit Melissa's Website and follow her on Instagram.

'Now' by Eunith

This song starts with clean, edgy, powerful guitars strumming left and right, fuelling the pacey rhythm from its core. The groove comes from the heavy kick which drives powerfully throughout, accompanied by the warm bass, bringing depth. With all these elements layered nicely, we are introduced to great storytelling vocals . As the song moves on, it unleashes vibrant colourful form. Eunith's melodic low and high pitch vocals continue to intrigue and the addition of a cool guitar solo adds variation to the overall mix. Holding on to the consistency of each and every element maintains the energy throughout. This atmospheric song would be the perfect company during a soothing late night drive.

'Now' by Eunith is available on all good streaming platforms.

Watch this official music video of 'Now' by Eunith.

About Eunith:

"American singer, songwriter, and producer Eunith balances his love of dance music with the influences of garage rock, indie pop, and hardcore from his adolescence.

The musical development behind Eunith is marked by several stages throughout his life: 

• Piano child 

• Guitar kid 

• EDM nerd 

• Ambient fan 

• Funk wannabe 

• and finally acceptance of the self

While many of his musical influences are apparent upon first listen, some less-obvious artists have been integral to the evolution of Eunith's sound, including Yanni, Iron & Wine, and The Fall of Troy.

Hailing from central California, he has taken his sweet time over the course of a few years to slowly write and revisit each of his planned releases for 2021. Most recently, he has embarked upon the arduous task of creating a music video for each single released this year, hopefully totalling 6 by year's end. As Eunith's songs were written sparsely over long periods of time, oscillations between genres and instruments are certainly present, and to be expected for future releases as well."

'Want You So Bad' by Square Dance Caller
This punchy, groovy song lays down a heavy rhythm from the get go, tamed by a sweet piano. There is a consistent energy right from the start which sets a bright head-bobbing mood. The guitar and bass tone really fit the vibe and uplifts the rhythmic pattern. Vocals are really well performed, defining the lyrics. Higher and lower octave vocals are layered and make the composition more prominent - really thoughtful! The dramatic pause linking at the end of the first verse keeps the beat running and is a great add-on as the chorus is revealed. Many interesting musical and rhythmic elements are introduced along the way, like claps and synth in the second verse.

The song genuinely continues to evolve little by little, each element making a huge addition to the flow of the song, keeping the track interesting and delightfully non-predictive. An extraordinary radio effect on the vocals that has a panned delay at its tail with the chorus running along side is such a genius way to end the song!

Definitely listen to 'Want You So Bad' by Square Dance Caller on Spotify.

About Square Dance Caller:

"Sibling duo Square Dance Caller entered the music scene earlier this year with their debut single “Swimming Pool”, a sold-out show at The Workers Club in Melbourne, huge success at College Radio in the US and the blogging and playlisting world in Europe. The brothers released their second single ‘Electric Sleep’ with a video that was a nod to their Grandfather, featuring footage of him in his prime as an actual square dance caller. An in-demand show at The Workers Club, which was marred by all things Covid. Now the brothers return with their eagerly awaited third single ‘Want You So Bad’, a song that will have you dancing from your kitchen to your lounge and spinning to your bedroom until the clubs re-open."

'Waiting Right Here' by FEVERDREAMS
Everything about this song is unique. Starting straight away with clean, crispy-sounding guitars playing wide, accompanied by muted soft drums, both setting rhythm and defining depth immediately. As we get into the the track, we are introduced to an equally soothing yet powerful voice which walks us confidently into the first chorus. A sweet silence wraps around all these elements, interwoven with a smooth, fading reverb lasting enough to sustain the emotion that the FEVERDREAMS want us to experience. Slowly and steadily the song evolves from a peaceful softness to an energetic blast. Surprisingly, we are also introduced to some amazing violins at this point which become a transitional medium, leading towards another heartfelt verse.

As the track evolves, further vocals, variations and harmonies grow more dominant, and beautifully written lyrics become the main interest. The bass has its own place in this song, teaming up well with the drums to bring a thick warmth. As the second chorus greets us, the vocals are reaching fine high notes, the drums have a touch of variation, and now we are introduced to the piano, adding an overall super-melodic taste to this passionate piece. A wonderful guitar solo emerges, pulling us into the peak of the tracks energy, but doesn't detracts from the true warm heart of the song. As the song ends, the emotional smoke is cleared to leave us with a wonderful feeling of hope.

Definitely listen to 'Waiting Right Here' by FEVERDREAMS on Spotify.

A word from FEVERDREAMS:

"Comprised of Adam Gardner, Matt Portelli and Liam Whittaker, FEVERDREAMS is an energetic and exciting rock trio who revel in performing for audiences around Melbourne.

FEVERDREAMS plays with limitless energy and writes with heartfelt passion. Our music is more than just self-expression, it’s our way of sharing stories with the world. As bandmates and friends, we have grown a lot together over the last two years, experiencing and overcoming tremendous loss. Our music is about reflection: of life, of ourselves and those around us.

The shared musical and life experiences of the trio culminated into making the band the tight-knit group it is today. It’s now hard to imagine life without each other, both on and off the stage."