'Cat' by Ania
What makes this song special? Well, everything! 'Cat', performed by Ania is a powerful, punchy single from start to end. Ania's voice perfectly fits for such an energetic song. The vocals have lots of depth, and invokes a range of moods. Completely electronic synth-pop, this song sounds futuristic but also gives a certain vintage electronic vibe. This empowering song is filled with variations in vocals as well as in electronic beats and sounds. The vibe of this song is metaphorical energy drink. Another thing that's amazing about Ania's voice is the range, as the voice covers higher and lower notes equally.

Definitely listen to the catchy synthpop 'Cat' by Ania on Spotify.

Ania's story:

"For 12 years, (2007-2019) I had been a singer in rock/metal bands. That experience helped me to understand how the music industry works. In 2019's November, I felt ready to express myself, as a solo artist. This project is my other side. I wanna share with people, my feelings, my story, my pain, my deepest inner thoughts, in a surrealistic way, so that's the reason why I chose 80s synth-pop upbeat, freedom vibe. The last thing that I add to my music is a little bit of my mental illness because I try to make my songs more relatable. Music is the only thing, that is always there for me, helped me to survive, and never abandoned me. Hope my fans will feel the same way.

Ania singer songwriter

My first single Fade away, was written about after a heartbreak, and that was the point when I decided, I'll make my EP about this process. Soon I released Cut, my second chapter in that story, I talked about isolation, leave before they leave situation, dissociation, and self harm, bet that wasn't your first thought, and that's how mental illness can be, you only just see the surface. My third release came out 2021.05.21. and dig deeper in this journey."

'Time is running out' by 'Just A Ride'
Punchy and powerful, 'Time is running out' is a song packed with a piercing energy. The character of this song evolves in such a way that it will keep you hooked till the end. The track is perfectly balanced throughout. The guitars and bass - grungy and melodic in every way. You can feel the kick and the snare snap through the mix, maintains the beat seamlessly. Every instrument is performed to its full potential, just like the vocals. Yet, even as every instrument is holding their individual lofty position in the track, the vocals do not fall back at all, and present beautiful harmonies that unleashes the true emotion of this song. This is a track that keep on giving.

'Time is running out' by 'Just A Ride' was released on 28th May 2021 and is available on your favourite streaming platform.

About the band:

"'Just a Ride' is on a mission to revive the spirit of the early 90s alternative rock scene that burst out of Seattle and influenced a generation. Huge fans of Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam, the UK-based four-piece draws its influence from that era. Combining this with their millennial punk rock and nu-metal upbringing the result is a sound that carries the legacy of grunge with a contemporary twist. Founded by former Violent Delight bandmates Rod Henderson (vocals) and Drew Lowe (guitar), drummer Alex Bailey and bassist Russ Stedman complete the lineup. Having recently recorded their debut album the band is ready to take the rock world by storm. Scheduled for release in September, the album is currently being mixed by the legendary Chris Sheldon (Foo Fighters, Therapy, Biffy Clyro, The Pixies)."

'Just A Ride' on Instagram | Spotify | Youtube
Larry Olusegun's single 'Hopeless Lover'
Beautifully written, beautifully composed and most importantly, beautifully performed by Larry Olusegun. 

Every element of this song holds its own strong impact on the listener, and the vibe is well sustained throughout. Raw acoustic guitars with vocals in the beginning builds the feeling of this song, slowly merging into a bigger and larger perspective that Larry wants to deliver to the listeners. Vocal harmonies are nicely placed around the main vocals and there is indeed an organ (keyboard instrument) being played that sits at the very back of this song if you focus on it- very thoughtful and creative.

Drums and bass brings the thickness and heaviness, and, in contrast, the guitar solo is soothing yet powerful.

Listen to Larry Olusegen's 'Hopeless Lover' on Spotify or visit Here to listen on other streaming platforms.

About Larry:

"Larry Olusegun (stage name, LANRAY) is a singer/songwriter from the Dallas area in the US. He enjoys captivating his audience in a roller coaster of feelings with his writing style and performance presence. With a voice that is bound to keep you locked in, a story you are bound to relate to, his choice of sensitive and personal lyrics, Larry takes you on a journey outside of this world.

Larry assumed responsibility for his future when at the age of thirteen, lost his father to a sickness. As a kid who spent the first sixteen years of his life in Nigeria, Africa, he had his mind made up to be an electrical engineer. In early 2016, he bought a $40 guitar from Amazon, (just for fun, as he’d put it) and taught himself how to play it from YouTube videos. Little did he know that it was the start of something big in his life. After spending some quality time learning his favourite songs, at the age of eighteen, Larry had soon developed an aptitude for writing songs. His journey through life has always been his number one inspiration for his music."

Ashlyn Nicole is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA. Her style is a blend of classical with contemporary overlaid with various jazz influences. Each of her songs have a purpose to spread a message of hope and love for those who are lost and brokenhearted. In addition to being a solo artist, she also sings harmonies and backup vocals, and plays keys with the urban folk band Welcome Home.

A message from the artist:

"'I Trust You' came out of an honest reflection of the way I respond to difficult situations. As I’ve grown in my faith over the years, I feel like I have been quicker to trust in the Lord during the tough times.
It’s like there is a history book of God’s faithfulness in my life that I can look back on. This helps me choose to trust Him during the present difficulties as I remember how He’s always come through for me in the past. And I can trust Him to continue to do so. That doesn’t mean, however, that it’s always easy to do so. Or that I feel that peace and assurance right away.

There are definitely times of mourning, struggle, and crying out to God in frustration or asking why. But, after the tears and the questioning and frustration, I always ultimately come back to understanding and proclaiming the truth that I so assuredly know. He has proven Himself faithful in my hard situations time and time again. And so I can say, at the end of every hard day, that no matter what, I will trust Him. I like to think that this song is characterised by a sassy honesty that is further complemented by the Latin-jazz inspired rhythm and instrumentation!"

'I Trust You' by Ashlyn Nicole was released on 17th May 2021 and is available on your favourite streaming platforms.

This song starts with lone piano and ventures deeper and darker in tone as the voice becomes more prominent. This song is purely crafted on vocals and piano, and created a Victorian era vibe, that I find quite intriguing. 'Monsters' is an example how a single note can be sustained enough to single-handedly invoke emotions, and a feeling of something unknown, and even fearful. Slightly leaning towards the vintage classical genre, 'Monsters' is beautifully presented By Ambrosia.

'Monsters' by Ambrosia Lynne is available on Spotify.

There is something about 'Monsters' by Ambrosia Lynne that sticks in your mind!

About the artist:

Ambrosia Lynne is a singer/songwriter from Muskegon, MI, in the United States. Her musical interest started as a young child with singing and violin, then quickly grew into theatre, piano, choir and music production. Ambrosia currently teaches strings, voice, piano, and ukelele at a private music academy and started releasing her music in 2019. Her music reflects her interest in musicals, Lo-Fi hiphop and indie music and has a sense of melancholy and darkness while still bringing light to her listeners. Ambrosia has singles and a lo-fi inspired EP out for streaming everywhere.

At its centre, 'Heart of a Hero' is motivational and inspiring. The very important message that this song conveys is not lost in the powerful emotion induced by the delicate and beautiful tune. Both elements are tied perfectly together, presenting a timeless, raw work of art that will be remembered.

Acoustic guitars and melodious vocals are the key elements that impact this track. Kaitlin has done a great job of defining the vibe she wants to impress, and the whole track stands as a strong example that complexity and loudness are not always necessary in a song to hammer home a message.

'Heart of a Hero' by Kaitlin Tomas  - a beautiful tribute to frontline healthcare workers

For me, the composition is the most effective part of this song. It delivers emotion, it has a surprising variety in chord progressions as it continues through, and thoughtful vocal harmonies gives an idea of how impressive the range of Kaitlin's voice is.

Listen to 'Heart of a Hero' by 'Kaitlin Tomas' on Spotify.

Kaitlin Tomas in her own words:

"Born and raised in small-town Tennessee, I grew up steeped in the culture of Appalachian folk, bluegrass, country and worship music. I remember riding in my dad’s old truck down backroads listening to classic rock and dancing in the kitchen with my mom to 80’s pop and soul. I quickly began forming a soundtrack to everything in my life. I took classical piano lessons and folk style guitar lessons as a child - I honestly didn’t appreciate it as much as I would now. After years of stage fright and self doubt, the biggest influence in my musical evolution came from a decade of singing in campus choirs where I found my voice and was classically trained to share it. One of my directors even made me sing a solo for a final grade in school, it was just the fire I needed to fall in love with sharing music on my own.

Since then I’ve released original music and collaborated with other artists and labels including RiverSound Studios, Verb Records, American idol contestant and songwriter Angel Lea Higgs, Calling Glory band, Raviner, Spoken For band. I've led worship for church services, street festivals, summer camps, nursing homes, corporate dinners, sporting events, recovery meetings, county jails, cathedrals and concert halls to soup kitchens and street corners. I’ve collected and cherished pieces of each experience to grow and learn from. There is no place that doesn’t deserve a heartfelt song. There is no person who isn’t a worthy audience. My first independent release under a new artist name comes after my last single 'Home' (under my maiden name, Kaitlin Andrews) is Heart of a Hero - paying tribute to the selfless frontline and healthcare workers who have gone to hell and back to protect our most vulnerable elderly population during the pandemic. A classic acoustic ballad tells the story of what it's like being a frontline healthcare worker in the field during the darkest of times and sends encouragement and love to them. True heroes have a beautiful heart that grows resiliently through the storms."

'24 Hours Apart' by 'Out of Pity'
'24 Hours Apart' is a great example of how off-beats are used in a song, and after every few beats you will enjoy its spicy variations. The vocals and instruments echo back and forth as if conversing with each other. The voice has fantastic range which can be noticed when transitioning from lower to higher notes seamlessly, and if you pay attention you can hear the vocal harmonies layered nicely behind the main vocals - smooth and soothing. The lead guitar solo is wonderfully gritty and maintains the emotion of the song perfectly. From start to end, the bass and drums maintain the interest and depth of this song consistently.

In fact, every instrument is expressive, just like the vocals, and combined with the delay and reverb which uplift the track, every emotion that the song has to offer is defined, making the track super-addictive. Overall, the vibe is sharp and bright, yet contrasts with a sad lyrical undertone that is perfectly delivered.

Listen to '24 Hours Apart' by 'Out of Pity' on Spotify.

About 'Out of Pity'

'Out of Pity' Band
"'Out of Pity' is a five-piece Alternative Rock band with elements of Pop, Indie, Punk, and Emo.

The band members, hailing from various locations around the UK: London, Brighton, Milton Keynes, Folkestone and Canterbury, began writing music together online during the pandemic lockdown."

lead+fellow album cover art
The definition of simple yet beautiful is 'Visionary' - a song by 'lead+fellow'. 

This song was created by an artist who really loves the creative process of writing. Primarily a lyricist, this unique artist includes much depth of meaning in their songs, intertwined with melodies that sweep you along with it. Trust me, you'll be signing along.

Another unique touch in this track are the vocal harmonies building as the song progresses toward the end, creating a feeling of a literal thought being represented in the form of music.

Definitely check this song out on spotify from the album 'LeadenFellow' performed by 'lead+fellow'.

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Mel and The Tall Boys, Part With Your Mind song

'Part With Your Mind' takes us back in time with its sweet retro vibes of 60s & 70s rock music. This track oozes charm and an amazing energy throughout with palpable, grungy guitar tones and a bass-line which keeps the song pumping and rich. The soothing vocals sits nicely in the mix surrounded by those sick guitars, and the drums provide perfect rhythm and tone that smashes the necessary power through. Some guitar leaks here and there, and reverb and harmonies to the vocals keep us absorbed till the end!

Want to know more about 'Mel and The Tall Boys'? Read on...

'Mel and The Tall Boys' are a brand new band of "weirdos" who have gathered together to create bluesy, soulful rock music that blends together the best parts of punk, garage rock, and power pop.

The project is a fresh collaboration between Mel Johnston, of Brooklyn-based soul band, The Foxy Johnstons, and Kyle Lacy, rockabilly guitarist and singer, formerly of Harlem River Noise.

Mel and Kyle met at a session at Hive Mind Recording in Brooklyn where Mel was brought in to sing background vocals for one of Kyle’s latest songs. Since that day, they’ve remained close friends and collaborators.

Their desire to make fun, energetic garage rock was always something they mused about. Now, the project they dreamed up will soon be out in the world for all to hear on their debut four-track EP, soon to be released independently.

Their lead single 'Part With Your Mind' will be out everywhere on May 7th 2021. They look forward to causing non-life-threatening injuries when people rock out at their shows.

'Part With Your Mind' - a powerful rock single by 'Mel and The Tall Boys'

'Lostlnds' song 'Ponce De Leon'
Sit back and enjoy the chill vibes from 'Ponce De Leon'. A balance of soft electronic melodies and beats. Surround by melodic variations, this song will soon have you relaxed with its dreamy, abstract tones. The smooth, soothing and melodic vocals of 'Lostlnds' are fresh and blend nicely in the mix. This is a track that you can come back to time and time again and it will feel as fresh as the first time you heard it!

Listen to 'Ponce De Leon' by 'Lostlnds' on Spotify.

Want to know more about 'Lostlnds'? Read on...

Lostlnds is a 21 year-old indie music artist from Washington DC. For Lostlnds, making indie music is more than just making music. It is culture, the freedom to be yourself, and the kind of people you meet in the genre. Lostlnds music is inspired by many artists, but mostly the Local Natives and Beach House.

Perter Gural's Stay Out of My Dreams
Emotions are an integral part of any song. The first thing to notice in this song is Peter Gural's voice. It is full of expression, lifting the whole vibe of the song. And it's not about just the vocals, the instruments push reverb and delay to uplift the song even more, really thoughtful! The composition of this song has some surprising variations which make it sound super easy on the ear - a challenge that Peter Gural has successfully done.

Peter grew up being the kid who liked to play in nature instead of team sports. He never felt like he fit in 'till he found music. It gave Peter a newfound confidence to put himself out there and "blend in a little". That’s why Peter makes music for outsiders on the inside. "Most people don’t fit the mould."

Listen to Peter Gural's 'Stay Out of My Dreams' on Spotify.

Ajay Srivastav's new single 'Golden'
With his new song 'Golden', Ajay continues to win the hearts of existing and new fans alike, bringing a fresh injection of energising, mood-boosting tones to our musical world. 'Golden' is truly a Blues masterpiece.

Ajay Srivastav is a chart topping Blues singer/songwriter. Described in the music press as ground-breaking, Ajay’s soulful, stirring songs are the product of a crossfire hurricane of influences, drawing equally from the Mississippi Delta that sired the Blues and the Varanasi Ghats where prayers, birth-rites and coming-of-age ceremonies are performed beside the Ganges.

His critically acclaimed debut album Karmic Blues hit the No.1 spot on the Amazon Blues Album Charts, on the first weekend of its release in 2019.

As a musician Ajay has worked with artists as diverse as Jamiroquai, Gregory Isaacs and Zakir Hussain and caught the attention of British music legend Jah Wobble, who has produced two of his songs.

'Golden' is available on all good streaming platforms from 5th May 2021.

You can also pre-order Ajay's new album 'Powerless' releasing worldwide on 25th June 2021. To pre-order, go to website - https://www.ajayhq.com