Anthony Casuccio - 'What Is the Point'

Set your dials back to the 1980s because you are going on a nostalgic trip back in time with this song! It's a way-back machine that has everything to give you the sentimentality of retro pop. The classic electronic beats with shimmering percussion establish the pace of the rhythm. Synthesizers and guitars build most of the dynamics, balancing the melody and harmony of the song. Energy is always high and upbeat keeping the music engaging and curious. With some great relatable lyricism here, you also get to sink into some sick guitar licks and riffs followed by a very short and sweet solo as a filler. Along with the emotive aspect, this song is instantly appealing and memorable keeping it as fresh as it was first heard.

Moving towards the main ingredient of this song, the vocals. What Anthony Casuccio has is a voice that can be defined as purely mellifluous. The throw of words and notes to create an impact requires experience which Anthony has in abundance. The overflow of talent can be seen through not just in vocals but through the entire production of this easy-to-follow and sing-along song. You can sense the passion and adoration of this artist toward his art exemplified through such a tuneful way of expression.

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Following the success of his E.P. Emotional Lockdown and the remix of his song Love Is the Answer (featuring Cynthis Moore), Anthony is back with a retro-Pop classic that channels his love for ‘80s music, Synthpop and cool guitar licks. What Is the Point embodies these elements to create a multi-genre hyper-catchy song that will stick in your head after you hear it once.

About Anthony Casuccio:

"A 25-year music veteran; Anthony’s audio production work has been nominated for three Grammy awards, reached gold record status, and placed in various TV shows and commercials. His production work has resulted in numerous songs landing on the top of Billboard’s Dance charts. He has remastered various albums for icons such as Johnny Cash, Tony Bennet and Roy Orbison. As band leader and songwriter, producer, and engineer, he led his band A&L to success topping various charts across the world. Anthony had nine top 20 songs with the band and 3 solo songs on various U.K. Indie music charts. They received radio play in over 70 countries throughout Europe and the USA."

Anthony Casuccio

A banging track takes you on a crazy ride of electronic music with fierce beats. Consistent throughout, the music has a hypnotic vibe and sounds that drag you to the dance floor. As creative as it is, the synths and various samples have their accurate place on the beat producing many variations. Good tech house tracks come with a highly awaited drop that this track absolutely crushes. The energy is at an all-time high with the addition of percussions such as hi-hats, cymbals, drum fills, massive kicks and powerful hooks building up to that all-important drop. Every layer has a clarity that allows you to hear this track in detail. It is groovy, it's catchy and it holds a challenging complexity; raising the heartbeat and metamorphoses into a fantastic experience.

Definitely listen to 'Lose Control' by Aizaz x Markus Martinez on Spotify.

About Aizaz:

"Aizaz is a tech house producer based in Los Angeles and Markus Martinez is based in Mexico. Joined hands for a collab on this tech house tune released at NoFace Records. We have both released on NoFace Records before and that is how we started working together. Aizaz's style is more classic house whereas Markus focuses on Contemporary Tech House and they decided to go with a fusion of modern and classic on this record."

Tricia Ann Band - 'Drunk & Found'

The absolute power of rock is brought to you by Tricia Ann Band. Everything about this song takes you back to the traditional roots of its classic genre. Starting with clean guitars you will be hit by the unexpected, the punchy kick drum along with wide, hot, distorted, crushing guitars. The energy drips through the music staying focused on conveying the message. The rush of adrenaline comes from the outburst of the chorus that immediately gets you to sing along. The melodic amplification of 'Drunk & Found' will actually make you soberer than ever with its thunderous performance.

The lively instruments portray the skills of the band members and most importantly, their great coordination. Music is straight on point through crunchy open chords on guitars, riffs and licks, profound bass and crashing cymbals and hi-hats blending with hardcore snare and kick. It's not just the flange effect that adds variable tone to the guitars but the overall song holds a unique flow and structure which is refreshing to listen to. The rhythm and its pacing are steady, allowing space for all the elements. The core feature of this song is the voice.

This is a voice that tightly grips the perfection of expressing roaring emotion. In a storm, these vocals are the lightning that has the potency to shatter the earth. The doubling of vocals in production makes the voice even more empowering. Going through many articulations, the voice never gets overshadowed by the music and stands equally strong. It will take your pain away. This song is as raw as it is real, not just the thoughtfulness of lyricism but its ability to induce the feeling of a breakthrough.

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About Tricia Ann Band

"Tricia Ann Band is a leader of the Southern Rock resurgence coming out of the Appalachia region. The Asheville-based North Carolina band combines the heavy feel of Rock with the lyrical motif of the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina."

Tricia Ann Band

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Good Spells - 'Who We Are'

Good Spells is back with the melodious 'Who We Are', treating you to some juicy dark undertones. Its unpredictable stack of sounds creates a soundscaping effect that quickly becomes infectious, inducing emotion through the mind-enchanting, tuneful aesthetics of the composition.

The producer is a musical wizard when it comes to harmonising dynamic exquisite sounds which smoothly embrace the whole spectrum of colourful frequencies.

Every element has an entry and exit point that loops beautifully, keeping the motion synced with the rhythm. The clarity and pace of this track slow down time, inviting you to immerse yourself in the depth of its alluring warmth.

A gentle melancholy can be felt trickling down your spine which comes from the airy soul-stirring vocal performance. Subtle lyricism ignites the heart-rendering texture of the voice. The quality reaches its peak with the track's intriguing flow. Filtered bass and minimal yet strong beats collide to form a perfect combination of reverberating hertz.

The music can also be defined as moody and suspenseful as it carefully unveils the magic of its genre. The transparent sonorous calmness of the synth is gentle and mellow stimulating the thoughtfulness behind this song. There is nothing more breathtaking than listening to such a powerful expression of musical art that broadcasts its emotions without holding back.

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About Good Spells:

"Good Spells is a UK based, experimental/alt-pop producer. Working out of a converted Airstream trailer, Spells mixes synths, samples and massive UK drums for odd sonic concoctions."

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Scoob Rock - 'So Far so Great'

'So Far so Great' is redefining hip-hop with a refreshing style with its music and rap enabling you to visualize the entire thought process of Scoob Rock. Imprinting his brilliant mind into this album, the artist has skills and knows exactly how to portray and deliver them through this mix. The traditional hip-hop sound constantly evolves through each track adding various moody and emotionally powerful elements. Throughout the journey, you will experience art performed with a blend of lo-fi beats and melodies along with some awesome Caribbean and reggae styles. Retro hip-hop beats take centerstage with butter smooth instrumentals. There is a lot to listen to and explore in the creative aspect of Scoob Rock.

What's outstanding here is that there are melodic vocals as the chorus in some of the tracks which serve to balance out the rap element. It embodies crazy-perfect flow and tunefulness. Most of the tracks lean toward to the chill vibe through their musical composition, and the voice is the flame that lights the excellent lyricism that sits within it. Wide and spacious instruments like piano, synth/pads and guitars, bells, brass, strings, and so much more, create such a great atmosphere, supporting the message and the clarity of meaning behind each track. Beats and percussion are tight and the bass is hardcore, going as low as possible. The production truly reveals Scoob Rock's sixth sense in music and chooses to use specific sounds that take all the tracks to the next level. The samples are a stroke of genius.

Scoob Rock's voice has a spark that gives an opportunity through this album to dive into the vast ocean of his talent. Addictive flow with strength and throw of words stitching bars together solidifies his powerful presence and ability to captivate listeners. This artist keeps giving more with every single track through his outstanding rapping mastery. It holds the depth and warmth of culture and source. The knowledge of hip-hop unfolds every time you listen to this.

The collaboration with other artists adds a finishing touch to this fantastic expedition.

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About Scoob Rock:

"SCOOB ROCK has been into hip-hop since he was 12 years old. His rap gives his audience a taste of his personal style and characteristic voice. He started out break dancing and also found out he had the skills to mc. SCOOB ROCK is from the West Indies and that’s where the Caribbean influences come from. When he grew up he moved around a lot. Stayed in places like Africa, England, the US, the Caribbean and then Sweden. With his personal style and characteristic voice he has shown that he feels equally at home on stage in Stockholm as well as in New York and Berlin."

The love for Doug Cash's style is never-ending. The smoothness of vocals this time has more aggression and pain expressed through inner rage against child abuse through heart-piercing lyricism. A steady and consistent rhythm is fueled by a punchy kick and snare. Simplified clean blues-style guitars play an interesting chord progression that sustains the melodies on it. The song has all the trademark characteristics of Doug Cash and will have a big impact on you. The persistent music has clarity and allows the focus to balance between the composition and lyricism.The mind of this artist is loud and clear with nothing to hold it back. The warm bass with great treble and saturation unifies all elements. Less is more is what you can learn from such a song, where fewer instruments will give you plenty of dynamics and headroom to perform without any restrictions. The Guitar riff is catchy, the bassline has plenty of variations and the vocals uphold the energy and quality that never fails to deliver.
Doug has always had a unique take on many subjects and the music in which it's wrapped. The major input to this song comes from the strong motive and intentions of the artist while presenting it in an extremely well-crafted form.

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About Doug Cash
"Doug Cash is a sponge with a flypaper mind and cockroach resilience.

With over 5 million plays and streams, Doug Cash is either old school's revenge or old school's last gasp.

Heavily influenced by Sly & the Family Stone, The Beatles, James Brown, Yes, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder, and Paul Simon.

Doug's music can be found on Spotify, Youtube, Amazon, Apple, Tik Tok, Instagram, Deezer, Reverbnation and all digital outlets."

Nonstop To Cairo - 'Awkward Situations'

'Awkward Situations' is a balance of punk rock, funk and hip-hop making it a genuinely refreshing song. The intro flips like a switch and you get to experience the forceful performance of Nonstop To Cairo. As fast as this song can go, it won't let your adrenaline drop, even for a second. A clear transition is drawn between verse and chorus keeping the energy steady till the end. Rhythm at light speed is firmly defined by tight and punchy drums with wide, shimmering cymbals and hi-hats. The bass has a warmth that ignites the lows and holds a bright treble at the tip of its dynamic frequency. Crunchy and glittering electric guitars set out like fireworks hitting the upbeat vibe and creating a familiar emphatic fuzz with high gain.

The overdrive with compression does the rest of the magic and the mix hits you with emotion as hard as possible. The charm of vocals along with the intense rap is a combination that brings not just variety to the table but also makes it stand out in a vast ocean of songs from a similar genre. Both the voices sound raw and amplified equally with their aggression at its peak. The song has a bright spark in its composition and lyricism with chaos and turbulence which benefits the entire theme. Around all of this, the song also holds its excellence in melody and production, bringing a masterful and talented execution.

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About Nonstop To Cairo
Nonstop to Cairo is proud to present the video for “Awkward Situations”, the second single from their forthcoming release, “KAI”.

"“Awkward Situations” is an upbeat punk explosion that, true to form, also dabbles heavily into their signature hip hop and funk vibe. A certain soon-to-be crowd pleaser and welcome addition to their arsenal of anthems, “Awkward Situations” is a perfect showcase of the band’s serious skills.

Five years after their debut full-length “Dabble Heavy”, Nonstop To Cairo return with their sophomore offering “KAI”, which once again showcases the Long Island outfit’s irresistible blend of rock, rap, ska, funk, and punk. After years of tearing the roof off of joints with their electrifying live show, KAI captures Nonstop To Cairo’s irrepressible onstage energy while also adding a touch of polish, resulting in a listening experience that’s as inviting as it is invigorating. And, as KAI’s glorious eruption of sound shows, the band has grown ever more fluent in its melange of styles.

This time, Nonstop To Cairo ease their way from bracing punk (album opener “Awkward Situations”) to smooth-sailing reggae (“Throw It Away”) to jazz-inflected funk (“Pope Funk”) to classic rock (“Hand of Fate”), to heartfelt, blues balladry driven by horns and organ (“Not Today”), etc. Where hairpin turns from one genre to the next were once part of the thrill, the band now glides with agility and grace, as if all of its influences have finally gelled into a seamless whole and a signature style that it can claim as its own...

Looking back, it’s funny to think that Nonstop To Cairo frontman August Harris never envisioned himself playing in a band. When he left the house on his skateboard one day in the early 2000s, his intention was simply to scope out the neighbourhood his family had just moved to after relocating from Brooklyn to Long Island. Just a block and a half from home, he turned into a cul de sac, where he saw a group of skateboarders congregating in front of a house. Unsurprisingly, that group of skater kids turned out to be his adoptive group of friends. Unbeknownst to Harris, however, his future musical partner, guitarist Nick Diamond was inside the house.

Nonstop To Cairo
In so many respects, KAI is a document of the deep, abiding bond that persists not only between Diamond and Harris but between everyone who’s ever played in the band. Theirs is a story forged on Long Island’s quintessentially suburban lanes and set to a ‘90s soundtrack—an ode, above all, to friendship and survival. Trumpet player/keyboardist Kevin Anand Itwaru, whose initials make up the album title, died tragically just before KAI was recorded; and while the music is deepened by the band’s grief, it has by no means lost its penchant for celebration.

In fact, to listen to Harris and Diamond look back on the music of their youth, one gets a sense of warm nostalgia not unlike what American Graffiti communicated to an entire generation fifty years ago—yes, KAI has the power and reach to speak to that wide of an audience. In the best sense of the term, Nonstop To Cairo makes music that’s built to belong to everyone."

Invisiblespider - 'Circles'

Listening to 'Circles', you will understand how greatly admirable the concept is. Right from the beginning, the synth fades in with the soothing voice of Jian Wei. The lyrical dominion in this song along with the well-composed blend of electronic and pop styles really makes it a unique journey. This song is seven minutes long and never ever fails to provide thoughtful insight into the artist's mind and experiences. Its deep meaning has a high emotional connection, expressing feelings of a painful reality that the artist wants to convey. It bends more towards a poetic format and represents the profundity of emotions. What also makes this song stand out is its implementation of music that amazingly supports melodic and harmonic vocals.

The creativity of using the breath as a sound to support the rhythm is really a clever way to symbolize the song's intention. The guitar and bass are prominent alongside the rhythm led by a tight beat. With a heartbreaking narrative, this track quickly becomes an exploration of existence from a pragmatic as well as philosophical aspect. A real experience of oppression can be felt along with the desperation to break free from it. Music like this genuinely comes from the heart of a mindful songwriter like Oh Jian Wei. The way it provides a medium to express an inner battle is truly astonishing.

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About Invisiblespider:

"Oh Jian Wei, also known as Invisiblespider, is a Singaporean rapper-singer-songwriter. They sing and write songs to express their truest, darkest, deepest, innermost thoughts and repressed emotions.

They sing about their mental health struggles, queer love, existentialism, and social issues to create truly personal, purposeful, timeless, and experimental pop music.

​They had years of experience performing as a Bass in school choirs and they have attained graded certificates (TCL) for contemporary vocals and music theory. They had the privilege of busking on Orchard road and performing in Barbershop by Timbre.

They are taking the leap of faith to release music as an independent artist. They hope to be recognized as an acclaimed local artist to resurrect and save Singapore's music industry with their unique experimental style and soothing virile voice."

Angelo Nicola Giuliano - 'The Light of Life'

This grand display of classiness expressed through the medium of the piano in such a classical way will bring you a flood of emotion. The portrayal of depth through variable motion or velocity and the pressure sensitivity of the keys induces a powerful magic in your mind. The balance of short and sustained notes is delightfully perfect and extensively melodic. This tune melts in your ears giving you the ultimate pleasure of the art of music from Angelo's perspective. The gentle and beautiful chords are arranged carefully and thoughtfully. As the soundtrack goes by, you can see the clarity in the thought process that went into constructing such a work of art. Absolutely mesmerizing.

Definitely listen to 'The Light of Life' by Angelo Nicola Giuliano.

Releasing on 2nd September 2022, you can pre-save this instrumental track on Spotify.

About Angelo Nicola Giuliano:

"Pianist and composer, after a prolonged teaching activity that prepared a generation of new musical talents, Angelo devoted himself to composition. His music, critically acclaimed, is a unique blend of contemporary and classical sounds. With his elegant touch, Angelo writes music to create emotions."