As T.Leger is someone who makes hip-hop independently and unassisted, this song is well produced. I will talk about this track from a fellow musician's perspective with a view to explain the elements as much as possible. 'Bit by Bit' is a track with a peculiar and abstract touch on vocals and music. It feels like it is exclusively based on the personal passions of an independent electronic rap artist. The music expresses calm and lo-fi vibes at a relaxed pace with a relaxed tone. One can sense the experimental elements through descent electronic sounds and the way the track is mixed. Samples are melodic and have a dreamy effect.

The heavy grinding bass synth may be better situated in the background, but can also be viewed as the artist's own preferred style. The vocals are intelligible and follow the sequence alongside the music. They also have a good flow but could be driven to have a greater focus on weighting the critical or more influential words in the lyrics to create more impact. Overall 'Bit by Bit' is interesting and raw to listen to and is a great starting point for T. Ledger & Top Bizzy's talent of expression. Looking forward to hearing more!

Definitely listen to 'Bit by Bit' on Spotify.

A word from T. Ledger & Top Bizzy:

"T. Ledger is going to be releasing music under Trevellyn Arthur Head (his own name) in the foreseeable future but has multiple albums in the works. Top Bizzy also goes by the name Outlaw Charlie and is an awesome bloke. Trevellyn Arthur Head is T. Ledger’s real name and is alright I guess, a good bloke."

Instagram | YouTube

You'll See One Day - 'Sober'

'Sober' is a song that has a strong hold on its meaning through its beautiful music and poignant lyrics. A mixture of transitions and variations keeps this song engaging. A combination that includes a perfect balance between hardcore metal and soft mellow instrumental representing high energies as well as a soothing ambience. The powerful sections of this song uplift emotions with wild punchy drums and massively distorted guitars paced fantastically. On the flip side, the calm and highly melodic section of the track is layered with electronic synth pads/strings, strumming acoustic guitars and piano. The song switches back and forth between these two sections creating a unique flow that is engaging and captivating.

What ties these sections together are the vocals. With incredible range and style, the voice holds a variable tone switching between soft and harsh, fitting perfectly with this song. 'Sober' builds a remarkable atmosphere leaving a mark through its flawless execution of performance.

Definitely listen to 'Sober' by You'll See One Day on Spotify.

About You'll See One Day:

"Born on the streets of Melbourne Australia, three blokes created a blood pact to become the biggest, most discussed, covered and listened to band of the 21st Century. A drummer born and raised on city streets, toughened by the harshness of life itself who lets it all out on the kit, Lee Elliott. A guitarist who crawled out of the whiskey bottle of the US to travel across the ocean on a cloud of Cuban cigar smoke to write fat & filthy riffs, Travis Presley. A vocalist from the untamed bogan bushland of the north who flew to the big smoke to write the catchiest of bangers, Nathan Peachey."

Sam Xhri6 - 'Smile'
'Smile' is a reggae song with an alluring and calm dynamic sound. Modernising traditional rhythmic and musical elements has led to the creation of this exquisite melody. We start with a spacious, wide and minimal synth-pad that contributes to the ambience of this song as well as the chord progression. The Vocals of Sam Xhri6 are smooth and soothing, putting forth the feelings and meaning of this song. In fact, the voice is passionate in singing and delivering the emotional aspect of this song. The flow of this song gets uplifted with tight and genre-favouring beats that become prominent slowly and steadily as the song goes on.

The crispy guitar tone is clean and cuts through the music adding to the flavour, accompanied by a crunchy bass tone that adds depth in contrast to the guitar. The staccato through all instruments and sounds generated from them creates many small and notable variations. Again, the soul of this song is the amazing vocal performance of Sam, appreciating the comforting composition and lyricism at its fullest. The warm and relaxed theme coexists with the jumpy and engaging energy of the rhythm. As the title is 'smile', this song brings a smile while listening to it.

Definitely listen to 'Smile' by Sam Xhri6 here.

About Sam Xhri6:

"Musical genius Samson Adebalogun popularly known by his stage name Sam Xhri6 (pronounced "Sam Chris") is an amazing R&B, Neo Soul Singer, Songwriter, Producer and Guitar player from West Africa (Nigeria; born and raised in Lagos, a native of Ogun state). Shared the same stage with the likes of Phyno, Harry song, P-square, Burna Boy, Davido, Yemi Alade, Sound Sultan, Mc Galaxy, Brymo and more at popular events like the Calabar Festival, Felabration, Coson week amongst others. 
Sam has got his signature crested on so many records of both famous and upcoming music acts as a guitar player. The Artist dropped a few singles over the years and started gaining international recognition in 2017 when he released “Telephone” featuring the rising American Rap act “H.I.M”. Still, on his way up, Sam has released several other hits singles reaching even farther than what was imagined. His recent collaboration with world acknowledged Guitarist, Legend and Grammy Nominee DOC POWELL has earned him a lot of accolades while clearly defining what the singer is capable of delivering musically. Sam Xhri6 is a versatile musician who is well aware of the blends and curves of Modern-day music and knows how good to reach his fans with the sickest tunes."

'NEVER' is a song that unmistakably carries the heaviness of profound feelings. With raspy, deep vocals accompanied with just a single acoustic guitar, we get the highest pleasure of sound through the melody and resonance. This song is a great example of how emotions can be shared through minimal music keeping the theme simple yet incredibly colourful. The acoustic guitar holds more lows blending with crispy highs performing with a fascinating chord progression, holding a firm grip on rhythm. The voice describes a story of pain and agony by contributing variations that support well-written lyrics and the tone. The sound is spacious and allows the reverb to extend the dynamics and overall energy.

The pacing is perfect in relation to the meaning of the song and has an intense impact mixed with a soothing undertone hidden within its composition.

Definitely listen to 'NEVER' by 4IV on YouTube.

About 4IV:


'Three-piece alt -new rock band from NY. Influenced by and love for all music. Ivan von Vogelstein on bass, James gadziala Godzilla on drums, and ray Abel junior on guitar. 4iv are looking forward to the 2022 support tour of national acts.'

Lielack - 'Blossom'
This is a track that totally does justice to its beautifully written lyrics, creating a strong emotional bond with the listeners through its deeply tailored Nu-Punk sound. The piece is dominated by melodic electric guitars with a vibrant and rich tone and equally strong bass that lifts the lows by perfectly dissolving with the guitar and providing a concrete foundation. These instruments massively contribute to the chord progression and warmth, adding sentimental value to the music. The rhythmic pattern is consistent,  assembled by a combination of tight live drums mixed alongside gentle electronic beats and crispy guitar picking.

The drums maintain their acoustic quality through a short and powerful kick and snappy snare layered with intense hi-hats, unleashing the energy of this song. Moving towards the soul of the song - the vocals. The voice sounds deeply rooted in the meaning, spirit and emotional aspect while performing with great passion. Clear and detailed expression in the vocals helps the listener to immediately connect and relate. 'Blossom' will certainly leave a remarkable impression on listeners who will definitely play it on repeat.

Definitely listen to 'Blossom' by Lielack on Spotify.

About Lielack:

"After the peaceful dissolution of their previous band Dearbones in the late summer of 2021, three of its official members decided to continue on forward together, organizing an entire Nu-revolution as Lielack. Built on the sonic talents of Jason Pascucci (Vocals), Andrew Quinn (Guitar), and Jacob Blondin (Drums) – Lielack surged into the scene with the release of their debut single “Nu4U” in the following September, revealing a powerfully tight melodic three-piece, fully loaded with nuclear energy & a whole lotta heart. Ready to take over charts and playlists with inspired hybrid vibes that cleverly merge radiant Pop/Punk into a signature style of their own as a Nu-Punk band – Lielack exists purely to thrill listeners all across the map with an authentic blend of scorching hot musicianship, endearing vocals, and wild Nu material.  From their cinematic storyline video supporting “Nu4U,” to their intensely addictive and unified sound – Lielack is putting the work into every moment in a sincere combined effort to savagely entertain YOU in the process of securing their legacy.  Crafting their songs & career to make their mark in music’s history fully permanent – Lielack is no ordinary band; they’re stoked to prove that to everyone who listens. Based out of Worcester, MA – join Lielack as they continue to make the most of every minute in their groundbreaking debut in 2021, thrilling listeners worldwide with amped-up antics, gripping melodies, & unforgettable music designed to catapult them straight into the spotlight right to #1, where they belong."

RT-Projekt - 'The Arrival'
'The Arrival' has a great meaning behind it. 'Itherians' are other beings from a distant galaxy visiting earth thinking that it's a paradise but realising that earthlings are not good at keeping peace and harmony among themselves. And so, the song is from the Itherians' perspective, advising humans, which the humans optimistically accept. Having a sci-fi based theme, the music also does an excellent job of conveying the theme through a melodic combination of instruments. Keeping the traditional rock tone of the song on top, the electronic sounds and strings are smoothly blended, delivering a futuristic touch. The vocals by Oli Kobl and Steffi Bauer, performed in multi-octave harmonies with passion and wide range, are the heart of this song.

The guitars are crunchy and support the rhythm with their powerful alternate picking. The drums lead with a strong kick and sparkling hi-hats followed by a tight snare. The dramatic transition from verses to the chorus is impressive with dynamic shifts from a combination of elements of opera, electronic beats and strings to a rock dominated section. A special guitar solo connects the climax along with the vocals leading to the end of this unique song.

Definitely listen to this 7 times Nominee at German Rock and Pop Price 2021 'The Arrival' by RT-Projekt on Spotify.

About RT-Project:

"Anyone who releases a sci-fi mini-rock-opera with a running time of nearly 20 minutes in these times of 10-second-TikTok-videos has courage. This courage should be rewarded, because with Cycle of Itheria, the new EP by RT-Projekt, everything fits: composition, tension build-up and arrangement by Rainer Thanner, the alternating vocals by Oli Kobl and Steffi Bauer and the great guitars by Oli Zangl, always with the right dose of harshness. In the four acts of the concept album, each with a short prelude, "Cycle of Itheria" tells the story of the Itherians (Oli Kobl): Their home planet lies in a foreign galaxy, and after they found the peace they set out into space to search for alien life forms and to bring peace there too. They come to Earth and here it is bitterly necessary to do something about the dispute. They succeeded: the earthlings (Steffi Bauer) gladly accept the advice. An optimistic vision in which the key to a peaceful life lies in love, forbearance and forgiveness. The cycle of Itheria has become somewhat heavier than the previous album (cycle of twenty-one), lies on the border from pop-rock to hard rock and will surely find enthusiastic listeners in both camps. In its entirety, it is reminiscent of the concept albums of the great rock bands from the 1970s and 1980s, yet it sounds modern and independent. With the excellent artwork (as well as the lyrics - again written by Frank de Blijen), the CD gets a special charm from the cover alone."

Third Development - 'Echoes'
'Echoes' is a beautiful mix of so many different elements from various genres that every moment in this song is a surprise to the ears. Beyond expectations, this song is like a rainbow with variable instruments being creating a spectrum of colours that can be broken up and identified individually but still blend with each other perfectly. We are introduced to the track by warm synth pads holding multiple octaves, with sax and flute nourishing the jazz accent. Further building the atmosphere with short electronic plucks merging with rhythmic patterns alongside the acoustic drums. In addition, the melody gets a boost with jazz instruments layered softly in the composition.

The transformation of the beat is brilliantly done while retaining the mood and the depth. The kick drum becomes heavy and the bass becomes thick guiding the pulse of this song. Also, a well-thought-through touch of percussion appears in the pattern for a while. Moving towards the soul of this song - the vocals. With stunning and enchanting qualities of the vocals tied to supporting lyrics, we get to hear all the microscopic details of the voice. A stylized, calm, melodic rap with harmonies is performed without disturbing the emotional state of the song and separates Third Development from the genre-based limitations to become an example of artistic freedom in the musical world.

About Third Development:

"Third Development was born out of a burning desire to create art at a time where there was (is) nowhere to go but ‘within’. Lead band member Geoffrey James sat down to compose and perform what became Third Development’s debut album, The Thought of Tomorrow, a blend of 80s infused synth and 90s inspired electronica to create a soundtrack for a life of optimism and hope. It may be a dreamer’s goal but at the very least, the songs set out to provide a few moments of reprieve from the stress and chaos of the outside world, an idyllic state for both the mind, body and soul. Third Development is not restricted by borders or boundaries—the band’s roster of guest artists is fluid and global to celebrate the connectivity of today’s world.

Third Development’s music is meant to be shared, to travel far and be heard by many."

Apex Zenith - 'Pinnacle'
After listening to this album, you will definitely believe that time travel exists. Right from the first song, nostalgia literally overflows through the theme. The retro-futurism approach of this album speaks for itself when it comes to infiltrating the experience with electronic music from the 80s. A mixture of synths, forging the glorious retro vibe with their sounds that dominate the music alongside punchy beats that craft the rhythm piercing through the frequencies. The heavy and impactful synth naturally contributes to a bass tone uplifting the dynamics. With a consistent flow of energy from one song to another, this album becomes a powerful adventure that stays true to the genre extremely well.

Songs like 'Turn Up Your Stereo' and 'Down the Line' define speed while keeping the melodic aspect alive. Songs like 'The Rain is Gone' and 'Beautiful' highly focus on melodies and harmonies of not just music but also the vocals. Overall, every song sounds fresh and holds unique characteristics that reveal the passion and dedication of Apex Zenith towards this album. The mix holds the warmth of analogue, with every element sprinkling its magic through its quality. The variable chord progression in the song 'Forever' is layered with the strength of synth and the ultimate force of vocal harmonies which highly encourages the emotional factor. The rawness of the vocals with a touch of reverb makes them remarkable and soulful adding the depth that perfectly drives the mood. With well-written lyrics and flawless compositions, 'Pinnacle' by Apex Zenith gives you an unforgettable taste of the classic Synthpop.

Listen to 'Pinnacle' by Apex Zenith, available worldwide - LINK.

About Apex Zenith

"Apex Zenith is the solo project of veteran music producer/artist, Juan “Punchy” Gonzalez, who is best known for his album production work with artists like Morbid Angel, Diabolic, Christian Death, and Unholy Ghost is also the creative mind behind music groups Diet of Worms, Cosmic Punch, The Synth Lord, and Lover of Sin.  Outside of his work as a studio engineer/producer, “Punchy” has also directed and edited music videos for the Nile, Christian Death, and Krisiun as well as his own musical projects.  He plays all the music, sings all the vocals, produced, engineered, and even created all the visuals for this project.  He is a one-man wrecking crew/freight train!  He is a proud endorser of Magix software like Vegas Pro and Samplitude Pro X, Positive Grid software (Bias FX), Brian May Guitars, and Music Group (Behringer/Midas).

In 2019 the creator of Apex Zenith, Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez, released a record called "The Synth as Soul" under the project name, "The Synth Lord."  After getting his feet wet with that project, he wanted to expand on the sound so Apex Zenith was born.  Look at this as a group of characters. The Synth Lord is in the group as well as other personalities yet to be revealed."

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Leave Spell - 'Atlas Obscura'
This song is indie in every way. The tone, the theme, the feel of this song is absolutely indie. A shade of vintage style of mixing can be experienced with every element being raw. The sound is free from over-polished modern music and slowly takes becomes likeable and addictive. Instruments like organ, synth and electronic piano are the basis of the music in this song. Along comes the rhythmic pattern nailed by loosely compressed drums accurately composed to carry the tempo and pace of this song. A tight, distorted and saturated bass tone rules the lows wrapping the warmth of this song. Vocals give significance to the lyrics keeping them natural and on point with a touch of harmonies.

The musical arrangement of this song is very interesting, breaking the rules of traditional sequence, we get musical sections from playing all to almost playing a single instrument like a big transition between vocal pieces which is a huge contribution to the emotional aspect of this song. With distorted guitars adding colours in the climax, the song ends fantastically leaving an imprint on listeners.

'Atlas Obscura' by Leave Spell will be released on January 14th 2022. So stay tuned on Leave Spell's social media.

Leave Spell is the debut solo project of Paul Dunne, semi-isolated in rural New Hampshire with a yearning for travel and escape. All instruments are played by Dunne, alongside recording and mixing. Songs are written from a close and personal angle, influenced by music from the 1970s.

Doug Cash - 'You Wept for Yourself'
This song represents the depth and power of songwriting at its finest. Written by Doug Cash himself, this song definitely portrays him as a lyrical genius. The tune sounds almost mystical and magical as it switches between complex chords on a single acoustic guitar. We can hear that the artist knows the value of each note in the composition as he slowly reveals the melody. The flow of this song gently uncovers its sentimental roots, constructing a medium to allow listeners to feel what Doug Cash holds near to his heart. We can sense the intensity of emotion and touching aspect blended perfectly with guitar and smooth vocals.

The truth is, less is more in this song i.e a single instrument is crafting all the beautiful and necessary dynamics and tempo by combining strums and riffs balancing between soft and strong. The soulful atmosphere is driven by the passionate and spirited voice of Doug Cash. The line 'You Wept for Yourself' is sung in a way that it immediately becomes the signature of this song. Light vibratos with soothing variations add a poetic style through Doug Cash's singing. The song has a touch of reverb that stimulates and gives a subtle boost to the ambience that sounds almost mystical. It feels like the voice and the guitar are communicating with each other and sharing the story with the listeners. The natural and realistic tone of this song brings an authentic sound that greatly contributes to the theme by keeping the original characteristics mostly unprocessed and intact.

Definitely listen to 'You Wept for Yourself' by Doug Cash on Spotify.

About Doug Cash

"Doug Cash is a singer, songwriter, musician, arranger, producer, performer. President of Pryor 2 What? Records & Music Publishing.Graduate of Sly Stone, John Lennon, Joni Mitchell, Steve Wonder, Paul Simon University. Beyond gender, beyond race, beyond time, beyond space. Our love is universal."

SOUTHDOGROCK - 'Old and Tired Dog'
'Old and Tired Dog' is a track that pours smooth, silky melody and rhythm into the ears. With open-room, inviting sequences of instruments playing at their best, the energy that is formed in the song is just outstanding. We hear a flawless escalation of pace with a notable kick drum alongside the snare keeping toe-tapping time with other percussive instruments. Along with the drums and percussion, we are given one of the coolest basslines in the song. This combination of percussion and bass covers the low ranges extremely well. An electric guitar plays a memorable and juicy riff while sprinkling its fillers all over the song.

A touch of blues is introduced perfectly with genre-respected instruments like sax and organ. Further along, we hear a seamless blend of blues and rock elements that fuels the atmosphere with the ultimate power of performance. A resonating piano shows its colours among all elements and holds its contribution steady. The composition unleashes the tune through immaculate coordination and a combination of all these sounds. Moving towards the vocals, they simply dominate and accentuate the groovy vibe with their execution. The harmonies during the chorus are creative, ensuring that the overall vocals are passionate and dynamic. With such an amazing voice, the meaning behind the song is galvanised with emphasis on powerful emotions and sentiments. The music and the singer convey the depth of feeling of timeless and enduring connections to others within this remarkable and unforgettable song.

Definitely listen to 'Old and Tired Dog' by SOUTHDOGROCK on Spotify.

'Old and Tired Dog' was twice awarded as 'Best traditional blues Album' and third place as the best song of the year 2021 in English by the '39th German Rock & Pop award 2021.


"The blues forms the root of most modern popular music. With the new song, "Old and tired dog" SOUTHDOGROCK bowing to the greatness of blues and blues-rock, bringing along a very own interpretation of this style. Memories and associations of the unforgettable songs of the Blues Brothers, Eric Clapton and many other blues-rock legends will definitely come into your mind.

The earthy guitar riffs in “Old and tired dog” and the fundamental bass line are topped with crisp brass and typical Hammond licks. The soulfulness of the voice tells the emotional story of the tired old dog from the south who is just looking for a place to rest."


Florian Döppert
"The southern region of Germany, close to the Swiss and French border, is home to Florian Döppert (vocals, lyrics, sax, keyboard). With his first solo project, SOUTHDOGROCK, a long-held wish comes true: creating songs based on his own lyrics and musical ideas together with a professional producer. Florian found a very competent partner for this project: Frank Schultz, owner of PROTON MUSIC.

Frank accompanies Florian`s journey through the different music styles. SOUTHDOGROCK is not fixed to one music style but explores different genres with the involved musicians.

The participating musicians and singers waive their fees and support the project with their skills. Without this voluntary support, the quality of the pieces of music would not be possible. Thanks to all friends and supporters of SOUTHDOGROCK. Many songs are still waiting to be produced. After the first creation “Ride with me” and the social critical song "The Street", the ballad “Same girl with emerald eyes" was released in February 2021. SOUTHDOGROCK will release three new songs, two of them for the first time with German lyrics.

SOUTHDOGROCK is a non-profit experiment that tries to use the available resources to produce outstanding songs. Fifty percent of each sponsorship, from our fundraising campaign, will be spent to cover the production costs of the next song. The other fifty percent will be donated to the OFFROADKIDS FOUNDATION, which aim is to create prospects for street children and young homeless people in Germany:.

Feel free to support our project on: