May 14, 2022

Rockidle - 'Change'

Rockidle - 'Change'

Releasing on 25th May 2022, Rockidle brings you this delightfully composed and thoughtfully written song. Its bright and catchy melody ticks all the boxes of a soulful musical journey with a proficient performance. The song reflects upon the political fatigue and a possible dystopic future of the United Kingdom. The way it is written and smoothly arranged on a blend of a variety of instrumentals is intriguing and highly engaging. Crunchy guitars and emphatic drums are thunderous and consistently provide an impactful rhythmic and tonal balance. Already a punchy and thick track, it also has multicoloured vibrant dynamics that deliver a range of frequencies enfolding an immense depth of emotion. Piano and strings have a special place that makes this song more harmonious adding an additional layer of warmth, and uplifting its meaning. As outstanding as the music is, the larger-than-life vocals take the energy of this song to the next level. The voice has a vitality which gets flawlessly highlighted through its style, harmonies and uniform energy. The firey and gritty energy encourages the force that will drive you to listen to this exceptional song. 'Change' possesses shades of multiple genres including effective elements from each of them especially holding a great influence from the Rock and Britpop genres.

Stay tuned to Rockidle's website and social media to be the first to listen on release day!

About Rockidle:

"Rockidle is songwriter/singer Derek Hagan.

Now living in Finland, Rockidle has worked on 4 collections of songs  "Sunny Side Up" with musician/producer Hill Briggs, "Belvedere Drive", with musician/producer Matt Cowley, “Relationships”, with singer/musician/producer Tania Sheratte and with Matt Cowley, Tania Sheratte, and Hazze Wazeen on the 4th collection of songs titled "Relationships 2 ", released digitally on the 17.12.21. 

Rockidles music has been reviewed in Hot Press Magazine (Ireland), NME, Logo Magazine, The South London Guardian (in the UK), Off the hook, Curious for Music, Indie X, Nordic Music Central music blogs in the UK, Excess Magazine (Germany), and Jamsphere, Soundlooks the music journal, Jukebox Time, Independent music news 24, Beachsloth and Bandcamp music blogs (USA).

Rockidle has started work on the 5th collection of songs. 

“Songs are stories, they should have a start, middle, and end, have content and mean something. Like children, they (songs) are born with some chords on an acoustic guitar, lyrics, and an idea of how you want them to sound. Hopefully, some of them grow up, develop, flourish and leave home. The time has now come for these songs to sink or swim”.

Visit the links below to know more about"

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May 11, 2022

Yung Pre - 'Paper Up' ft. Dex Mann

Yung Pre - 'Paper Up' ft. Dex Mann

Yung Pre's style claims the title of being one of the coolest hip-hop artists, bringing this extraordinary track to you. Already surpassing 103K streams on Spotify, 'Paper Up' portrays an exceptional talent. Effortlessly rapping razor-sharp bars with a natural and impressive flow already makes this single catchy along with superior performance from both the artists. Heavy beats reverberate through the music establishing the rhythm. You can feel the impact of the vital energy and force given to every single word to deliver it with conviction. Wrapped with signature 808s and tight hi-hats, you get an exquisitely designed professional sound that flawlessly carries the uncompromised powerful lyricism and overall composition. This track is a major addition to the beloved hip-hop genre.

Definitely listen to 'Paper Up' by Yung Pre ft. Dex Mann on Spotify.

About Yung Pre

Yung Pre seems to ingeniously present music in multiple styles, all while maintaining a consistent brand. The Lexington, KY native, was birthed, LeRon Floyd. Yung Pre is an up-and-coming Artist, Producer and Engineer with a penchant for writing infectious tunes and relatable narratives.    

Inspired by internationally acclaimed Artists like Tupac, Bone Thugs, Nas, and DMX, Yung Pre’s music journey began as a way to express intricate emotions where words fail. Being an avid storyteller, Yung Pre is greatly influenced by real-life experiences and hardships allowing him to invoke strong emotions in listeners.      

The multi-talented individual is also the founder of the Fashion Label, "SE Cloths", that's meant to embody the idea of self-elevation. With big dreams and plenty of energy to spare, Yung Pre seeks to influence society positively with his music and is well on his way to becoming one of the most phenomenal artists of our generation.

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May 10, 2022

Akaleshnus - 'Flesh'

Akaleshnus - 'Flesh'

'Flesh' is simply a great sounding track that has a variety of instrumentals expressing the religious sentiment of the artist. The strength in lyricism and composition surely comes from a creative and thoughtful mindset. The hard-hitting music has powerful beats and complements electronic tone blending with heavy guitars and strings. The influence of this song is immense with its unique style and force. A punchy and tight mix of musical elements brings out the charge and vigour along with the feeling of determination to deliver a message to the listeners. Everything from start to end sounds tough and sturdy with a vocal performance being at its peak. The vocals are fabulous and energetic, having a vibrant tone that represents the artist's passion and determination.

A word from Akaleshnus: 

"I am a disciple of Christ who works to live according to the following Scriptures: "Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like, unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets." Matthew 22:37-40. The artistry with which God has graciously provided us is a weapon to be used against the devil in our fulfilment of the Lord's Great Commission with which He has tasked us: "And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in the earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen." Matthew 28:18-20. It is my prayer that all of you who bless us with your support forsake evil and follow Christ in this mission that He has given us to strengthen His Church. I pray this over you in the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

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May 09, 2022

Reap the Light - 'Victory Is Near'

Reap the Light - 'Victory Is Near'

Reap the Light has nailed a powerful performance in this song. Starting straight on point with heavy guitar tones and break-neck rhythm, we're in for a crazy ride. The heat of the music takes over you like wildfire. The consistent high energy of this track drives emotions to the fullest. The headbanging, hard-hitting drums crank up the beats, blowing life into the uniform flow of perfectly executed tempo. The pumping fat mix is deeply tied to the traditions of the heavy metal/rock genre. Massive and crunchy guitars are also accompanied by a thick bass growling along with all the highly amplified musical elements. This rich and hardcore song goes through various patterns and variations leading to its ultimate intensity. Overall, the music is dense and saturated, retaining its tightness together without distractions and complete involvement of skills fueled by passion. Just like any virtuosic music, the impact of voice in this song makes it stand out due to the remarkable qualities it possesses. The rasps and the screams flawlessly represent the aggression in the vocals alongside fine melodic harmonies. In fact, this song has achieved the perfect balance between the gritty and the sonorous nature in its composition. Equally emphatically lyrical, this band has already grabbed the flag of victory with their classic, extreme and dynamic rendition.

Definitely listen to 'Victory Is Near' which was released on December 17, 2021, and is available on Spotify.

About Reap the Light:

"American Groove/Heavy Metal band Reap the Light released their debut album «Deliver Hell». The release was recorded at “Haxan Studios” in Edomex, Mexico, and mixed/mastered by Orion Hellraiser.

The songs on this album reflect great diversity in the writing while staying true to the genre of Metal. 

Reap the Light was formed in November of 2020 in the United States by Reverend Kuzz (bass/guitar) and Orion Hellraiser (guitars/drums). These days the band is constantly working on new music and is in collaboration with Tim Ripper Owens on a song called, Back to Bedlam."

May 03, 2022

Chris St John - 'Fly Away'

Chris St John - 'Fly Away'

Fly Away is the title track on Chris St John's forthcoming album Fly Away. A song that brings tears of joy through its poetic lyricism and soulful composition. A song that represents the strongest bond between Chris and his son who is about to live life on his own. Chris is remembering the precious time watching his child grow up and move towards independence. With this powerful song, we get a melodic and heartfelt voice, being the messenger of Chris's heart to his son. This heavily emotional and soothing song is powerful and consistently energetic. It builds a sentimental vibe through its composition that includes guitars, violins, tight drums and excellent bass. The solo part shared between organ and electric guitar landing on the bridge section is fantastic. A wonderful song, completely relatable to all those parents who see their children 'Fly Away' to build their own future and achieve dreams.

Definitely listen to 'Fly Away' by Chris St John on Spotify.

About Chris St John:

"Chris St John has been on a roll these last two years, having written dozens of songs which have appeared on two separate albums.  His first album, I’m Dreaming, which was released in 2021, gained critical acclaim and commercial success.  The album had four chart-toppers on the World Indie Music Charts and the Official European Independent Music Chart, including “I Called You Rose,” which climbed all the way to No. 3.

Recently, Chris was in Nashville, working with legendary producer Stephen Wrench, as well as some of the finest session musicians in Music City, to record his upcoming album Fly Away.  During the production of the album, Chris released the song “Hey Siri,” which quickly hit No. 1 on the World Indie and Official European Independent Music charts and remained there for five weeks. “Hey Siri” has a playful, rolling African groove reminiscent of Paul Simon’s Graceland.  This clever, lively, and thought-provoking song focuses on the drawbacks of modern technology.  Stylistically, it’s an outlier of sorts, scratching only the surface of the deep and impactful artistry Chris showcases over the course of 13 tracks.  The diversity of the songs makes it very hard to fit Chris’ music into any one genre. His voice is velvety and clear on the album’s ballads, and heartfelt and rocking on the up-tempo songs.  His tenor voice has remarkable range and clarity, and his different vocal stylings on each track make it hard to believe it’s the same singer throughout the album."

Chris St John - 'Fly Away'

"Fly Away is set to soar.  The title track is a soulful, poetic, and powerful song about the birth of his son, John, and the times Chris spent with him from childhood through his recent graduation from high school.  He wrote the song as his son was preparing to head off to college. All parents whose children have left the nest can relate to Chris’ heartfelt lyrics: “I just held you I cannot believe it/You’re heading off to live on your own/A million hours, tears joy laughter/I treasured it all, the best years I’ve known…”

The song is set for release on February 25, 2022, his son’s birthday.

April 29, 2022

Jar Of Kings - 'Momentum'

Jar Of Kings - 'Momentum'

'Momentum' has everything that a rock/metal-head craves. This instrumental masterpiece has the energy of a beast that breathes fire which is perfectly portrayed by the band's performance. Loud, heavy and distorted guitars, assertive rhythm, thick bass and drums are wrapped in a punchy and tight mix. With such intensity, the album also has some remarkable melodious and harmonious explosions that show the other musical side which is driven by aggression and high quality. The subtle variations in tonal curves of instruments diversify the dynamics which you can feel and get absorbed into. The 'Intro' track itself is soothing and builds excitement for the upcoming instrumentals. The complexities in rhythm and accuracy in their execution demonstrate the exceptional skill of all the artists. 'Jar Of Kings' has established its own path to express and explore this genre. All tracks go through an evolution, a journey that explores various emotions. The music communicates with you with its emotive depth and passionate renditions. From a technical point of view, the production is top-notch, making every juicy frequency available to you. Everything has a purpose and a flow while being presented professionally. The innovation on top of the underlying roots of metal/rock makes Jar Of Kings the kings of Modern Rock/Metal in their own way. Such challenging, unique and thoughtful compositions in a single album, undoubtedly will become your favourite listen.

Awesome Track List:

1. Intro
2. Timeless (feat. Denis Dyakon)
3. Requiem
4. Monoverse
5. Resolve
6. Gallantry
7. Fender Bender
8. Golem's Dance

Definitely listen to 'Momentum' by Jar Of Kings on Spotify / Bandcamp.

Also, Check out their music video for 'Monoverse'

About Jar Of Kings

Artis Apinis and Artūrs Patetko present the listeners with a modern and colourful DEBUT ALBUM 'Momentum', consisting of 8 tracks. The album was written, recorded and produced by 'Jar Of Kings' at Artis's home studio, revisiting the style of intricate arrangements, meshing melodies with rhythms, dynamics and different moods, combining progressive rock and metal.

Jar Of Kings

Jar Of Kings is an instrumental modern rock/metal band from Latvia. Formed in 2021, the group leaders are guitarist/producer Artis Apinis and guitarist Artūrs Patetko.

Back in the day, both guitarists played in a band called Legacy ID.

Jar Of Kings

April 28, 2022

Hot Pants de France - 'Bohemian Rhapsody' (cover)

Hot Pants de France - 'Bohemian_Rhapsody' (COVER)

A light-hearted cover with absolute excellence in showcasing the complexity of the genre through beautiful instrumentals and vocals. Such a performance can take a lifetime to master in order to be presented effortlessly to the listeners in the way that Hot Pants de France does. Transforming an original rock masterpiece into a sweet, melodious and harmonious jazz rendition, opens up a completely new perspective. The song presents its unique characteristics by modernising the art while preserving the traditional roots. The strings have an intricate accuracy that highlights the fine details in this composition. The synchronisation of guitar and bass seamlessly merges with the rhythmic pattern, followed by remarkable fillers and licks. The voice is soothing and gentle, bringing elegance through its expressive tone making the finished sound sophisticated, with an added sense of 'perfect improvisation' which reaches far beyond expectations, surprising and delighting the listener at every turn.

Definitely listen to 'Bohemian_Rhapsody' (cover) by Hot Pants de France. Releasing on July 14, 2022 worldwide. Stay tuned on their website and social media platforms to know more.

About Hot Pants de France

Hot Pants de France is:

Sam Kaufmann – Arrangements and Guitar

Lisa Rittner – Vocals and Sax

Jack O’Roonie – Bass and also Bass

Andrea Reynolds and Jane Young – Violin

Hot Pants de France – a Gypsy Jazz/Swing “Supergroup” – uniquely interpreting hits from the ’80s and ’90s. Hot Pants de France incorporates modern influences while staying true to the ground-breaking style created by Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli in Quintette du Hot Club de France – one of the first all-string jazz bands.

Child prodigy, top-level touring/session guitarist (Maynard Ferguson, NKOTB, Kenny Loggins) and Emmy nominated film/tv composer Sam Kaufmann captured lightning in a bottle with the very talented musicians forming the Gypsy Jazz and Swing “Supergroup” – Hot Pants de France. Sam has liberated himself from the Hot Jazz canon and presents his own uninhibited, modern style that has matured over the time with Hot Pants de France and highlights what is still to come. Well received by both listeners and the press, the vision was to bring a fresh, contemporary feel to hits from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s by arranging them in the style of jazz great Django Reinhardt. The intention was not to simply recapitulate the music, but to interpret it with a uniqueness, incorporating modern influences, while remaining true to the innovative style created by Django and Stéphane Grappelli in Quintette du Hot Club de France, one of the first all-string jazz bands.

The dichotomy between musical styles of the ’40s and the ’90s is bridged by vocalist Lisa Rittner, elegantly bringing the music into the sound of “today”. Lisa honed her chops for a decade on the Queen Mary and band Sound F/X. In addition to her voice, she gracefully adds her Saxophone prowess to Hot Pants’ samba-esque version of “Black Hole Sun”.

Harkening back to the establishing sound of OG – Stéphane Grappelli, Jane Young (2nd Place International Grand Prix of St. Petersburg, Swiss Dream Circus, NBC, Nova/PBS) constructed excellent counterpoint to Sam’s guitar lines. The two play off each other like a conversation between old friends. Jane’s parts are performed live by violin extraordinaire Andrea Reynolds who, not unlike Stéphane, lends her talents to ground-breaking experimental musical groups.

Finally, touring/session bassist Jack O’Roonie (Andre Williams, Danny B Harvey, Wanda Jackson and Labella Strings endorsee) outlines the harmony while controlling the dynamics and pace of the band with his fantastical yet proficient bass lines.

Years of experience and effortless interaction are clear – noteworthy on the recordings as well as on stage. Standing on the works by Django Reinhardt, it is this unique mix of pop, jazz, americana and inventive compositions that makes the unmistakable sound of the group.

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April 23, 2022

Melissa Quinn Fox - 'Running On Empty'

Melissa Quinn Fox - 'Running On Empty'

'Running On Empty' is an easy-going, melodious and beautifully crafted song that brings out the rainbow of colourful and dynamic frequencies through its music and Melissa's captivating voice. The subtle introduction to the keys among all the string-based instruments adds more character to this song. The pacing and flow are comfortable for a sing-along and capture the tiny details in the textures of each musical piece. Punchy and spacious as it sounds, it also delivers deep emotional context through its equally powerful lyricism. Melissa's voice has expressive qualities that evoke feelings and reveals the sentimental element. The intricate details in her voice are delightful and enchanting. Her passionate and sincere performance gradually becomes a bridge that connects listeners with this song. Just like the vocals, you can experience the unrestrained energy and liveliness among all instruments, blending together to form a resonant mix. There are unpredictable fillers and variations throughout the song that shows how much thoughtfulness and dedication went into making it alongside its tuneful theme and bright tone. It also becomes a definition of the true power and impact of country/Americana music fueled by Melissa's naturally harmonious and mellifluous voice. 'Running On Empty' emphasizes the pressures of everyday life becoming tiring and the relief that someone you live with can bring.

Definitely listen to 'Running On Empty' by Melissa Quinn Fox on Spotify.

About Melissa Quinn Fox

Country/Americana songstress Melissa Quinn Fox is known best for her story-driven songs, unique vocal tone, and captivating live performances. Reviews have described Melissa’s vocals as “Gritty, gorgeous, and a sound all her own.” In 2021 this hard-working musician released six well-received singles, was featured on the radio in the DC area, and played more than a hundred live shows, with the most notable being chosen to open for country star Jerrod Niemann.

A member of ASCAP and the Songwriters Guild of America, Melissa Quinn Fox was recently recognized for her exceptional songwriting skills by being nominated for Best Country Artist and Best Country Song at the Washington DC Area Whammie Awards.

Coming from an extensive and varied background in musical theatre opened the door for the Pittsburgh, PA artist to confidently play in many large theme parks around the world. From pop to country to alternative rock to Americana and more, Melissa draws some of her inspiration from the likes of Stevie Nicks, Sarah McLachlan, Faith Hill, and Natalie Merchant.        

Currently promoting her latest single Running on Empty, listeners can expect a new EP to be released later in 2022. Melissa is currently playing live both in solo acoustic and with her full band. Show dates can be viewed on her official website.

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April 23, 2022

Josh Allen and The Whisky Brothers - 'Keep It in the Ground!'

Josh Allen and The Whisky Brothers - 'Keep It in the Ground!'

'Keep It in the Ground!' is a great initiative expressed strongly through this powerful and hard-hitting song. The depth of words along with the melodic and harmonious music will inspire us all to think about the decisions that we as a society have taken that are negatively affecting the environment and peace on this planet. This song reminds us of the harsh reality of how our need has transformed into our greed and has caused severe damage to the climate which eventually will affect future generations. The song motivates us to challenge and take a step against the exploitation of resources in the name of a better life. Rather, it gives us a good message of planting more trees and protecting nature. This eye-opening song has a mix of crunchy and amplified guitars strumming through the chords. Just like all the instruments, the vocals are expressive and convey emotions that boost the profound meaning of this song. The voices of children at the very end of the song continuing the chorus are heart-warming. The beauty is in the simplicity of the words and the composition which makes this song easy to follow and understand.

Definitely listen to 'Keep It in the Ground!' by Josh Allen and The Whisky Brothers on Spotify.

About Josh Allen and The Whisky Brothers

Josh Allen and the Whisky Brothers started playing together in the spring of 2007 in Austin, Texas. Since then they have released two full-length albums and one EP: "Welcome to the Rockhouse" (2008), "GIANT" (2011), and the "W.B. E.P." (2015).

Now, after a few years' hiatus to start families and whatnot, Josh and the boys are back with a new outlook and a new EP.

"Still Alive" (2022) represents a shift in focus for Josh Allen the songwriter. Unlike the band's previous, more debaucherous, even hedonistic material, this is very much a post-Trump, post-COVID collection of songs, written by a concerned parent in a warming world.

The music, however, remains firmly rooted in Rock and Roll.

The first single from the new EP, "Keep It In The Ground!" is out now on all platforms and has a powerful music video up on YouTube. The full EP "Still Alive" is set for release later this summer.

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April 23, 2022

B. HUGHES - 'G.Y.S.T. ft. DURAG B'

A song that acknowledges the power of patience and discipline and reminds you to keep working towards your goal with a hopeful mindset. A very positive and optimistic single that satisfies its meaning not just through beautiful lyricism, but also through its resonant luminous musical elements. The beats are extremely clean and tight playing undisturbed and steady rhythm. The colourful glow of beautiful and deep atmospheric pads with an ambient vibe makes this song extremely sonorous. This song has vocals and rap, that will surely elevate the positive feelings and emotions alongside the catchy tune and the addictive chorus. Calm at its core, the flow of its energy quickly becomes an inspiration and leaves an unforgettable impact on the mind. This B. Hughes' empowering song also describes the listeners, a small part of the artist's personal journey that many of you can relate to. 'G.Y.S.T.' is poetic and expressive with its lyrics and can be tuned in by everyone. The great music and vocals have all the qualities that are perfect for the message that this song wants to deliver. The gradual progression from rap to the chorus is very smooth, backed up by an established and soothing melody that has the potential to uplift your mood. The combination and contribution of all elements have greatly influenced the theme of this masterpiece.

Definitely listen to 'G.Y.S.T. ft. DURAG B' by B. HUGHES.


Brandon White, artistically known as B. Hughes, is in it for the long haul. 

Hailing from Atlanta, the songwriter & poet 
was first introduced to music when he began rapping and making beats at age 15. At the time he was going by the name DJ Staxx, but since then his musical maturity and lyricism have evolved into something much deeper, poetic and soulful— his own moniker B. Hughes was inspired by the late African-American poet & activist, Langston Hughes. 

From an early age, artists such as Jay Z, Kanye & Atlanta’s very own Andre 3000, inspired him to hustle from the ground up and birth quality music, able to withstand the test of the time. 

Through trials, triumphs and the mysteries of life, something that has remained consistent is his art. 

In the year 2020, B. Hughes released a series of 10 EP’s, all titled by the respective month. The tracks range from feel-good tracks for everyone to vibe to, to slow and sexy for the ladies or even fast & fun for them to dance to, to heartfelt cries detailing the highs and lows of life. And honourably, the inspiring ballad “Legend.”

This variation is what sets him apart from the rest & is what truly makes him legendary in his own right.

April 20, 2022

Lurid Purple Flowers - 'Darkness' from the album 'Mania'

Lurid Purple Flowers - 'Darkness' from the album 'Mania'

The classic impulsive energy of this song with a splash of retro style will wake up the dead. The power and dynamic flow of the instrumentals cover all corners of its genre bringing with it an astonishing sound. Full acceleration, no breaks, you get a rush of adrenaline throughout the song with its mind-blowing musical and vocal performance. The unlocked potential of guitars cranking the tone, tight bass and strong drums smashing the beats don't just show the band's synchronisation but a combined force of a talented group of artists. The influential and evergreen voice makes the song even more vibrant and colourful. The voice seamlessly resonates with the meaning of the song and unleashes its empowering nature perfectly wrapped around the lyrics. The gravelly and raspy accent in the voice successfully conveys the mood and assertive vibe of the song. In fact, the crunchy and raw sound exists in all elements layered with distortion and saturation. From riffs and fillers to solos, playing up-front or in the background, the guitars have conquered and dominated the musical aspect of this song. The evolution of the track defines the band's unlimited creativity giving a perfect interpretation of 'darkness'.

Definitely listen to 'Darkness' by Lurid Purple Flowers on Spotify.

About Lurid Purple Flowers

At the start of 2020, everything was looking up for Boston-based hard rock band Lurid Purple Flowers. As life shut down all across the United States and plans were put on hold, they focused their energy on creating an electric live show, with all-new, heavier material. Their debut single Too Late combines their classic rock and blues influences into a catchy tune with blistering solos from frontwoman CA Newcomb and guitarist Ben Caito. Boston native Nick White locks down the band’s tight, funk-influenced grooves.

Now, In 2022 following the release of their debut EP 'Mania,' the band is ready to hit the road.

“Lurid” means vivid and harsh in colour and is a perfect description for the band in both sound and personality. After a full year on the scene, it’s clear this band is playing for their own survival.

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April 16, 2022

Da Misfit - 'TayLor' from the album 'E-Way'

Da Misfit - 'TayLor' from the album 'E-Way'

Da Misfit is one of those talented artists that is a hidden gem. The skills of such an artist really shine throughout this album and have the power to grab your attention immediately. Just like every amazing track on this album, 'TayLor' brings energy to the table with a captivating vibe. The smooth and noteworthy high-quality production of the music which includes the mixing of many melodic elements makes this track sound rich and sexy. On top of it, is the rap that embodies Da Misfit's voice representing mastery over the art. The mixing of multiple voices gives us an insight into the context of the track and easily wins you over with its flow and bars. Tight and minimalistic beats guide the rhythmic pattern and establish the pacing of the verses. The vocals feel seamless due to their momentum and charm. Just like this track, the entire album hooks you with its wonderfully crazy lyricism and music. What's unique here is the style of presenting traditional hip/hop but with Da Misfit's own spice and zing. This track will be stuck in your head in no time due to its catchy and appealing nature.

Definitely listen to 'TayLor' and the entire album 'E-Way' by Da Misfit on Spotify.

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April 10, 2022

Andrea Pizzo and the Purple Mice - 'Road To Universe'

'Road To Universe'

Deep in space, somewhere in a spaceship, this song leads explorers beyond explorations and discoveries to find the truth. It bleeds extraordinary energy with the rush of adrenaline with a powerful performance. The strong beat directs the traditional rhythmic rock pattern with iconic punchy drums. The pacing of this song brings courage and confidence to its composition. Emotions are balanced in a way that retains the fun yet allows for depth in the message, balanced along its course. The chord progression has twists and turns that keep this song exciting and interesting till the end. Fearless distortion of a perfect tone on the incredible guitars and bass with high gain easily highlights all the best riffs and makes the theme more vibrant and dynamic. Vocals become the centre of attention as soon as you hear them. The voice has beauty in its human imperfection and natural form, separating it from modern overly-polished commercial, excessively autotuned vocals. Its unique tone and style will quickly hook you up and will make you sing along. But wait, there is one mighty quality in the voice that is unleashed in this song, it's the range. The voice travels across octaves touching the highest notes possible, pushing up emotions with high intensity. It is truly magical how quickly this song can find a home in your mind. The feeling of liberating yourself from boundaries, ready to make a long-distance trip through false directions and opportunities, beyond faith and beliefs, and finding the road to reality is a journey that this song will take you on.

Listen to 'Road To Universe' on Spotify.

If you enjoy 'Road To Universe', you should also definitely listen to their awesome entire album called 'Potatoes on Mars' which signifies outstanding storytelling through lyricism and music and continues the expedition of having a huge fan following.

Listen to 'Potatoes on Mars' on Spotify.

Andrea Pizzo and the Purple Mice

About Andrea Pizzo and the Purple Mice

The Purple Mice is a group of different artists who started to work together in a musical project around Andrea Pizzo’s voice and his idea to create a concept album about the Universe and some human deepest dreams.


In 2019 Andrea and Raffaella decided to gather their different natures in a common expressive project, in which they cooperate writing lyrics and music, singing and making videos. This challenge allows Andrea to conjugate both his passions, singing and stars, creating and experiencing different musical styles in multiple projects: an album of songs dedicated to planets and space explorations. It also allows Raffaella to create something new, giving voice to some of her verses and form to her creativity in a very satisfactory experience.

The musical competence, experience and artistic skills of Riccardo Morello and Roberto Tiranti give songs a deep and vibrant life, always amazing.

Andrea Pizzo and the Purple Mice

THE PURPLE MICE - Group members’ biographies

Andrea Pizzo was born in Albenga (SV) in 1977. He grew up close to nature and has always been interested in science and astronomy. He likes watching science-fiction movies but his greatest passion is

music. He loves singing. He graduated in physics from the University of Genova and he works as a software engineer.

He is the music composer and the voice of The Purple Mice’s songs.

Raffaella Turbino was born in Chiavari (GE) in 1977. She spent her childhood near the seaside where she developed her passion for adventures and exploration. She loves open-air sports, simple life and nature. She also loves reading, writing, drawing and handmade creations. She graduated in Humanities from the University of Genova and works as a teacher.

She writes the lyrics and creates drawings and paintings making songs and videos.

Andrea and Raffaella are married and live in Genova with their daughter Maria Elena, who also helps to make real their artistic projects.

Riccardo Morello lives in Genova where he works as a composer and vocal coach.

He’s involved in many musical projects, and he’s the singer of Il Segno del Comando, a band with a jazz-rock-prog-dark-soundtrack approach that started in Genova in 1995.

He composes melodies and plays the keyboard for The Purple Mice’s songs.

Roberto Tiranti is a professional artist for many years with a lot of experience and a great music career. He’s the lead singer and bassist of Heavy/Power Italian Metal band Labyrinth.

On his repertory, there are many cooperation with many other bands, like Ken Hensley & Live Fire, Wonderworld, Mangala Vallis, New Trolls and many more.

He has also released a solo album, Sapere Aspettare and singed on some Film and Theatre Operas Soundtracks (Excalibur III - The Origins, I dieci comandamenti).

He plays all the instruments and makes musical arrangements for all of The Purple Mice’s songs.

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April 05, 2022

'METAVERSE RIDDIM' feat. various artists produced by Black Shadow & Troyton Rami

'METAVERSE RIDDIM' feat. various artists produced by Black Shadow & Troyton Rami

'Metaverse Riddim' feat. Gully God Mavado with ‘Money & Done’, Mavado & Kalash ‘Money & Done’ Remix, Dovey Magnum performing ‘Polygamy’, Iwaata offering ‘Pillow’ and 450 with ‘2face’. Troyton Rami is a genius when it comes to balancing and mixing tracks. The production is calm and brightens the qualities of the dancehall/reggae genre. The improved dynamics of each musical element make the music sound rich and clear. Blending multiple artists together is a challenge that the producer has accomplished well using his passion and talent for musical art. The relaxed melodic and harmonious flow of all the instruments works completely in the favour of the theme. The project has consistent and minimalist sub-bass and triplet percussion arrangements that are influenced by the well-known traditionally Jamaican style. The riddim that features top recording artists and music producers like Black Shadow & Troyton Remi is certainly a great listening experience.

Definitely listen to Metaverse Riddim feat. various artists produced by Troyton Rami.

Metaverse riddim - black shadow

Dovey magnum - polygamy https://smarturl.It/doveymagnum-polygamy

450 - 2 face https://smarturl.It/450-2face

Mavado - money & done https://onerpm.Link/moneyanddone

Mavado & kalash- money & done remix https://onerpm.Link/moneydoneremix

Iwaata - pillow https://smarturl.It/iwaata-pillow

About Troyton Rami

Producer/Songwriter/Entrepreneur Troyton Rami was born on July 27, 1980, in Grange Hill, Westmoreland, Jamaica. Always having a connection with music from a young age, he started his music career as a DJ playing in various parts of Jamaica, further developing his skillset in South Florida after migrating there in his teens. Soon after, Troyton transitioned to becoming a Producer, establishing Black Shadow Records as the hub for all of his work. For 5 years, he carefully built his catalogue providing the sounds for many upcoming and established Artists before he stumbled upon his first big break. Having already composed a few Riddims, it wasn’t until his “Buzz Riddim” fell into the path of then-emerging Dancehall Artist Sean Paul, which lead to the multiplatinum single, “Gimme The Light”. The success of “Gimme The Light” led to Troyton earning numerous accolades and quickly becoming a high in demand Producer locally and Internationally.

Troyton Rami

Having been recognized by ASCAP, IRWMA, and the GRAMMY committee, collecting more accolades, and scoring deals with Universal Music Publishing and Ultra Records over the years, Troyton Rami has become a seasoned Producer who has lent his sound and expertise to many Artists, fellow Producers, and Songwriters throughout the Caribbean, Latin America, and various parts around the world. He had a hand in Kevin Lyttle’s “Turn Me On” hit, produced Alkaline’s hit singles “Fine Whine”, “Eva High”, and “Black Heart”, produced top-selling albums from Elephant Man, Baha Men, and Beenie Man, and has found his work getting placements in everything from TV shows, to Films, to Commercials, to Video Games like FIFA 06 and Forza Motorsport 2, to events like WWE Summerslam 2006, and the 2014 FIFA World Cup. 

Today, Troyton Rami has solidified his status as a top Producer who is inspiring future generations of Producers and is still making hits. Troyton recently released collaborations with Dancehall Artists Mavado (“Ready Fi Dem” and “Money & Done”), and 450 (“2 Face”), and is putting the finishing touches on new collaborations with Alkaline, Mavado, and many other prominent Artists.


April 01, 2022

Taymarion - 'Want To Dance'

Taymarion - 'Want To Dance'

Taymarion is back with his versatile voice, bringing you this classic RnB filled with juicy melodies and lustful lyrics. The smooth and sensual vocals of this soulful song are perfectly combined with a strong backbeat. The warmth of amplified instruments creating seductive blues-inspired chord progressions immediately builds an ambient vibe. Thematically, it has underlying energy that keeps the fire burning and the desire to sing along. Taymarion performs one of the finest harmonies and vibratos, touching the depths of the composition. His complex vocal acrobatics are so effortless that you want to rewind and listen to them again and again. The runs, riffs, agility and many microscopic details in the voice are achieved with an extreme perfection that makes Taymarion's voice heavenly. The flow of the lyrics and the pacing of the song is embraced by a broad range of vocals that covers multiple octaves and quickly becomes an earworm. Honestly, such a comfy and moody song, performed with great confidence will surely make you want to dance. The thickness of bass accompanied by synths facilitates perspective and wraps you in its musical atmosphere. In particular, the chorus hooks you up and lands you among the verses gently, enough to melt your heart. Once you hear this, you can't escape!

Definitely listen to 'Want To Dance' by Taymarion on Spotify / Apple Music.

About Taymarion:

"Born and raised in Mount Olive, NC on January 7 1992, Myron “Taymarion” Strong started singing at the age of 7 in the children’s choir At Winn Chapel Missionary Baptist Church. He began writing, recording, and performing original songs Around the age of 13. After years in the development stages, He released his first official project, An EP titled “LoveLifeLyrics”, in late 2018 and followed up with his debut album “Dark Side Of The Rose” the following year. Hard work, determination, patience, and faith keep him pushing forward as he lives by one quote which states “Slow progress is better than no progress”."

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April 01, 2022

Ronny Lee Couling - 'Weatherman'

Ronny Lee Couling - 'Weatherman'

'Weatherman' is one of those EPs which leaves a mark and keeps pulling you back to it again and again. The purpose of this EP is to make a place inside your heart through its smooth hypnotic music and vocals. Crystal clear guitar tones that play sparkling riffs and fillers give a never-ending source of melodic rendition. 'Weatherman' is a song that explores the familiar feeling of looking for the light in a dark place, a tale of hope and one day soon things will be turned around and get better. The theme continues in 'Light It Up', a song that professes unconditional love. Ronny Lee Couling's voice carries all the weight of the sentiments alongside the music. The depth and richness of the words hold the meaning of the EP very well, encapsulating a cosy and warm essence. The simplicity of drums and bass encourages the authentic indie style and throws light on rhythmic patterns that carry the pacing of the songs. 'Grace' has a beautiful guitar flow and builds a dynamic atmosphere that sustains the heart-touching theme. The pure emotional drive that you get from the songs is incomparable and showcases the passion and love that Ronny has poured into them. Ending with 'Home (Acoustic)' you get so much more than you expected. You are left with a profound affection for all these songs, keeping them in memories that are beautifully crafted by Ronny Lee Couling's EP masterpiece.

Definitely listen to 'Weatherman' by Ronny Lee Couling on Spotify.

About Ronny Lee Couling:

Ronny Lee Couling

Singer-songwriter originally from the UK. From a young age, he has travelled all around the world and has recently settled in Sydney with his wife.


March 31, 2022

RicoXMafioso - 'That Guy'

RicoXMafioso - 'That Guy'

RicoXMafioso is back with his new refreshing and exotic sound that always surprises the listeners. This minimalistic approach in music is powered by rhythm dominating sounds of short melodic signatures. You can feel the flames coming out of the stylised 808 kick, touching the distortion, accompanied by a sharp snare and brittle hi-hats. The dope rap flow constantly evolves and showcases the best use of emphasis on words by gliding over the beats. The voice has weight and sounds highly confident when delivering genuine, on-point messages. The melodic vocals from the main chorus are hot and catchy, keeping the track at its peak, all the time. 'That Guy' has magnetic energy through its spoken-word vocals which sound effortlessly smooth and saturated. The remorseless and relentless feelings expressed through this track are surely relatable, reminding you that you shouldn’t give a damn, to stay firm and lookup.

Definitely listen to 'That Guy' by RicoXMafioso on Spotify.

About RicoXMafioso:

"Rising 28-year-old Canadian based artist RicoXMafioso just dropped a hot new single titled "Treating You Right". The talented artist grew up on the westside and is creating art on the eastside. He grew up in a small town in Alberta Canada allowing him to master the English language. He comes from a very diversified background, English is only 1 of the 3 languages in his arsenal. RicoXMafioso started as an underground rapper with a wicked perspective. Now, he is looking to make his own lane in the rap and R&B game by mixing an old school flow with a futuristic sound.

RicoXMafioso will have you leaving your headphones having lived an experience. The artist is inspired by artists like Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Dr Dre, J. Cole, Joyner Lucas and many more."

Instagram (@ricoxmafioso) | Instagram (@thefiftyshadesofblack)

March 26, 2022

Eric Terino - 'Innovations of Grave Perversity'

Eric Terino - 'Innovations of Grave Perversity'

The album opens with 'Felt' - a song conveying the heartbreaking feeling of getting through painful loneliness. The poetic depth of words accompanied by Eric Terino's pleasing softly-raspy vocals creates an atmosphere that rains heavy emotion. The composition has a constantly evolving energy that revolves around the sentimental core of the song. One can experience the freedom given to the strings and harp with their spacious and detailed notations creating wonderful patterns that imprints this song in your soul. 'Felt' is the light that guides the listeners through the gates of this album. Next up is 'Torture the Dead'. This is a track with smooth, sustained piano whose sound slowly joins the rest of the instruments and vocals. With this song, the ambience becomes more involved with the music enclosing an emotional depth. The thoughtfulness of words along with the raw and mystical flow of this song creates a warm and intense aura. It conveys all the shades of love, and its power to manipulate life and beyond and having both a bright and dark side that directly or indirectly controls our lives. The absence of a firm rhythmic pattern allows the tune to freely perform the articulations that serve the meaning of this song.

The third track on the album is 'A Snowfall at Dusk', which brings out the soothing chord progressions with mind-melting sounds. The plucking of exquisite harp accompanying vocals, mellow whispering pads in the background and a brief performance of flute does much more to interpret a literal 'snowfall at dusk'. The art shines through the rendition carried out by the music. Every frequency in its place covering contour, range, and scale is used in such a way that it illuminates the essence of the music. Such an approach with rich lyricism supported by minimal instrumentation requires a pre-imagination of how the song is going to turn out; like a puzzle being solved. We can definitely see that the captivating enigma is solved through this slumberous composition. Moving along into 'Invocations'; this track blends the dynamics of previous songs with unique characteristics of the theme. Its broad major chord immediately catches your attention and sets the base for the meaning of the song. The elegance of vibratos immortalized by strings have more presence alongside the gentleness of the piano. A gush of emotions dripping from every element creates a harmonious flow of expressions and sentiments. The warm, sonorous and transcendental melody and lyrics are recalling memories of a lost love and hollowness of their absence.

The fifth track on the album, 'Boulder' is different. Brass and deep bass strings make it their way to illustrate a consistent melancholic aspect through their arrangement. Most of the structure of this song is built on vocals that drive the heartfelt tune. This song truly compels the isolated thoughts and feelings regarding self. Eric's creative approach creates beauty through simplicity in this composition. The artistic and musical transformation at this point in the album can be clearly felt. 'An Augury of Hope' is the next track on the album, and is a look back over life and some troubled times in the past, but having learned a lot from life, look forward to a healed, brighter future. In spite of having all the same instruments, this keeps giving combinations never heard in previous songs. The rhythm has a strong hold guided by plucks and string patterns. Everything feels higher in range and pitch including vocals which does justice to this song of hope.

The influence of heavy vibratos and peaceful nature makes this piece remarkable. Our penultimate track is 'Body Gets Stoned'; a concept of society's ability to sew doubt and destruction, but a warning not to let their words and values find a home in yourself. A tuneful acoustic guitar makes its way into this song, also setting a rhythmic pattern that is strummed. It keeps the temperate and relaxing flow while adding a space for Jolie Holland's vocals which accompanies Eric with resonant harmonies. The direction in which this album is heading also reveals the artist's personal point of view on life and love and making it a legacy through this album. Last but by no means least is 'I Didn't Live There', the last track of the album. This song mulls over shards of memories past, of good times gone, and of revelatory travels. An epic end with its calm and delicate form, a final reminder of how splendid the musicians and vocalist are with their art, that they can plant the seed of emotion and water it well with their music and lyrics.

Definitely listen to - 'Innovations of Grave Perversity' by Eric Terino.

Eric Terino

Innovations of Grave Perversity is Eric Terino’s third long player, and by any measure is his most expansive and layered work. Taking charge from where his sophomore record left off, the album is a parallel journey through the passage of seasons (winter into spring) and the transition from despondency to the birth of new hope and healing. It is a record about attempting to find light in the wake of trauma and working to reframe one’s life in a way that allows for the possibility of joy.

Written and recorded throughout 2020/2021 amidst the height of a global pandemic, the eight tracks that comprise Terino’s third LP started life in his home studio in a New England forest and came to fruition with contributions from musicians based all throughout the world. Cello tracks flown in from Russia, French horns from Italy, harps from the UK, and even a musical saw from Greece. Notably featured on a number of tracks is the distinctive voice and hauntingly beautiful violin of legendary Americana singer/songwriter Jolie Holland. It was as a result of the lockdowns that many new connections were able to be forged remotely and Terino’s experience of making this record became a tool to feel connected to other musicians and artists in a time when such camaraderie was greatly needed.

Lead single “Body Gets Stoned” was written by Terino nearly 15 years ago and features stirring violin and vocals from Jolie Holland, whose contribution allowed for the track to finally feel complete and ready to be properly documented. “‘Body Gets Stoned’ is sort of my take on a ‘Que Sera Sera’ (Doris Day’s 1956 hit from Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Man Who Knew Too Much’). Basically, it’s a Buddhist kind of mentality that all is as it is and will be as it will be. So there’s no point in fighting upstream.  Ultimately the solution to any struggle is in letting the river take us where we need to go, which in my opinion… is home.”

Elsewhere, the record explores a wide range of themes such as mental illness, aging, leaving past loves behind, accepting childlessness, and renouncing damnation. All driven by an emotive intimate vocal and delicate near orchestral arrangements. Whether the subject matter is bereavement (“Invocations”), agoraphobia (“Boulder”), or the experience of coming out as an LGBTQ youth (“A Snowfall at Dusk”), the songs that comprise Innovations of Grave Perversity transform the deeply personal into universal statements on the complexities of human life.

“I feel more hopeful and open than I’ve ever felt before. There’s something nearly magical that can happen when you’re writing. You have to be careful because what you write could manifest itself into reality. So with this record, this was my attempt to shift the narrative of my life from a tragedy to a realm of potential for joy."

About Eric Terino

Eric Terino

Tapping into the rich timeless history of romance and poetics past, Eric Terino’s musical landscape paints a portrait of an American artist with a sweeping perspective on what it means to be human. The deeply personal becomes universal and heartbreak can be transformed to healing. Similar in fashion to Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold, his tales of suffering mend with beauty. Gilding the places we have been hurt as a means of moving forward. This potential for alchemy exists everywhere, and Terino’s serenaded solitude reminds us of the infinite beauty in it all.

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March 22, 2022

David Lockwood - 'The Rest Is History'


David Lockwood - 'The Rest Is History'

Admiringly harmonious and relaxed is the vibe that holds our hand through the journey of this 14-track album. David Lockwood's emotive and sensational vocals and lyrics create an indivisible affection towards this album for the listener. Supporting, complementary background vocals and harmonies form a wide spectrum of diversely textured voices. The composition is intended towards doing justice to the lyrics by encouraging their depth and purpose beyond the music. An absolutely beautiful piano rendition plays keys that travel through many tunes, variations, ranges and chords. Tracks have a sustained warmth and bright tone that softly blends with the guitars, strengthing the structure of the songs. Clean and colourful guitar tones shine throughout the album with its rich and fine-tuned performance. Excellence exists in the deft way that these compositions use spaces, complemented with instruments trailing off, allowing each song time to breathe and the listener to reflect. Smooth and firm bass, drums and percussion bring out a dynamic jazz accent through their tone and rhythmic patterns. Crafty and complex chord progressions are non-distracting and accentuate the sentimental aspect of each song. This album honours artists' thoughts through its heart-touching music and lyricism.

Definitely listen to 'The Rest Is History' by David Lockwood on Spotify.

Recorded “live in the studio” at Dreamland Recording September 27-30 of 2021 with top-flight musicians Kevin Barry (Rosanne Cash, Marc Cohn, Peter Wolf) on guitar, Zev Katz (Aretha Franklin, James Taylor, Elton John) on bass, Chris Marshak (Steve Winwood, Amy Helm, Lucy Kaplansky) on drums with Erica Leigh and Clare Maloney on backing vocals. The songs reflect on memory, mortality, and the many forms love takes.

About David Lockwood:

David Lockwood

"I was born in '51. My mom said I was picking out tunes on the piano when I was three or so, but I don't remember that. She had a flair for storytelling and tended to mythologize my childhood. I do remember figuring out 'My Country 'Tis of Thee' on the harmonica when I was five or so. It seemed like magic. And even after all these years of playing, writing, and recording, the creation of music still seems like magic."

After high school and knocking around in New York City and DC in the 1970s, Lockwood enrolled at Berklee College of Music in Boston and graduated in 1980. "I wrote and recorded a bunch of songs while I was at Berklee, sent out demos to publishers, got some songs signed, got some rejections. One of my favourite lines was 'You write interesting songs. That's a liability in this business.'"

In the 1980s and early '90s, he wrote "interesting" songs for, and performed as, Little Davey and the Aberrations, and recorded three albums of original pieces for solo piano: Music From a Fall Afternoon, Diamonds in the Snow, and Blue Distance. "I recently retrieved the last two and converted to digital. I think they've held up pretty well, all things considered." He also wrote music and lyrics for two decidedly offbeat musicals: Awesome at the Academy and A Rash Act. A third musical, Free 2 Ride, followed in 2007.

Lockwood joined the New Hampshire band Straight No Chaser in the late 80's and wrote most of the material for their well-received debut album Raccoon Beach, released in 1992. "We had some quality gigs in support of that album: Newport Jazz Festival in Saratoga Springs, the Blue Note in New York, White Mountain Jazz and Blues, and a bunch of others."

In 1995, Lockwood had the opportunity to spend two weeks with his songwriting hero Randy Newman as he was beginning to write the score for Toy Story while recording vocals for his album, Faust. "He was so generous and even more wickedly funny than I thought possible. He was also very direct. When I told him I'd been struggling to write lyrics, his response was 'You got anything to say?'"

Well, yes. Lockwood had and still has something to say. Through the 1990s, the aughts, and into the present, he has continued to write, record, and perform in and around New England while also serving as the celebrated music director, baseball coach, and Dean of Pranks for Holderness School in Plymouth, NH."

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March 13, 2022

notevenstevens - 'Chains'

notevenstevens - 'Chains'

notevenstevens's debut album 'Chains' is electronic music on steroids. This experimental masterpiece defines its theme through its unique take on the complex arrangement of juicy musical elements. Thus, this album has driven itself through the walls of institutionalized musical theory towards a free and limitless form. From tracks like 'Goin Up', 'Float', 'Nitrous', 'High Beams', 'Tactical', 'Goin Down' you can hear the ideas and thoughtfulness behind the sound that entices you with its complex articulations and strong resonance. These tracks give the feeling that exactly match their titles. Even if the nature of these beautifully tuned and artistically composed tracks is entirely abstract, the basic fundamental music can be heard through it. The art of 'Chains' exists in its proficiency to simulate visuals in the minds of listeners based on each track. The tonal variations and unpredictable layers are filled with stunning shapeless forms of melodies and harmonies that enhance the scope of this album. Its ultramodernist compositional techniques have exquisite and captivating contrasts of dynamics and textures. Birth and rebirth of constantly evolving and challenging frequencies have ambient as well as emotional impacts on listeners. All this power when combined with magnetic and euphonic vocals, you get a whole new experience of Ethan, aka notevenstevens', music which can be heard through songs like 'Infatuated feat. Kehar', 'Paradise', 'Complex' and 'Spine' which feat. Stitxch along with 'Torn2Pieces' and 'Haunted' which has his own vocals. Using in-depth knowledge of how a sound hits and influences a certain mood or emotion and presenting it in a combination in its wildest nature is something this album accomplishes. 'Chains' is beyond the laws and regulations of methodical and procedural music, it is revolutionary in its own unique way.

Definitely listen to 'Chains' by notevenstevens which will be releasing on 8th April 2022. To know more stay tuned on notevenstevens' social media platforms.

Pre-save 'Chains' by notevenstevens now -

About notevenstevens

notevenstevens is one of the freshest multifaceted artists in the Australian music scene. He is a genre-bending, PC Music-loving producer, artist, songwriter & creative director. His debut album, ‘Chains’, is one of the most unique and original albums to release in 2022. 

A 13 track experience with a mixture of instrumental and vocal based songs which includes his vocal debut on ‘Torn2pieces’, and ‘Haunted’. With an ever-growing fanbase with 5.05+ million on TikTok and 50,000+ streams, notevenstevens is definitely one to watch as he transcends the underground.

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March 11, 2022

Blind Uncle Harry - 'I Just Want You To Know'

Blind Uncle Harry - 'I Just Want You To Know'

'I Just Want You To Know' is one of those songs which carries emotions when presented in its natural form. This lyrically driven song already establishes its strong message and gives you an insight into its true meaning. The absence of overprocessed and polished sound is what makes this song unique and leaves an emotional impact on the mind. The clarity of vocals and their successive harmonies make them easy to follow and sing along with. The subtle blend of folk and rock elements is ingenious and has a genuine influence on the theme. A simple and traditional combination of fiddle and acoustic guitar contributes to the intricacy of this tune. A modest place for bass provides a significant warmth while also supporting the rhythm. The inclusion of electric guitar and snappy drums adds melodic and tonal quality to the spectrum. The underlying vintage dynamics serves up the isolated and saturated sound of all the musical elements as intended. Even though the composition and lyrics are amusing and engaging, the delightful humour has a powerful message for the listeners.

Definitely listen to 'I Just Want You To Know' by Blind Uncle Harry on Bandcamp.

About Blind Uncle Harry

Blind Uncle Harry is the stage name for Chris 'Harry' Doran a critically acclaimed singer-songwriter based in Bloomington, Indiana. He took the name Blind Uncle Harry from his actual great Uncle Harry, who was indeed blind. He was a fiddle player and sparked a lifelong appreciation of the power of one man and an instrument. 

Harry's 2020 album The Gospel According to Blind Uncle Harry received rave reviews, has been played on over 120 stations across the United States, charted on the NACC Folk Chart, and placed a number of songs on stations' weekly Top 20 playlists. The album's single "Hillbilly Hippie Haiku" was also lauded by critics, as was Harry's 2020 holiday single "Christmas Day in Australia", which also charted.

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March 11, 2022

Alexis Gerred - 'Unbreakable (Feat. MiG Ayesa)'

Alexis Gerred - 'Unbreakable (Feat. MiG Ayesa)'

'Unbreakable (Feat. MiG Ayesha)' is a fast ride of spicy rock and pop elements. It's a song with a vigorous energy that challenges musical and rhythmic complexities and wins! Squeezing out every last drop of melody through its composition, this song is loaded with wild, fantastic and unexpected variations in its flow. Tight and sharp drums and percussion sync their power with crunchy and monumental guitar riffs. Punchy lows and overheads, deep bass, a touch of electronic elements and a sick guitar solo are some of the many characteristics that uplift the vitality of the track. The collaboration with MiG Ayesa unifies the depth and significance of the song. Verses and chorus have flawless transitions with remarkable articulations connecting the sections. Gently blending brass with the guitar is genius and makes the sound immense and lavish. Effective key changes make the song a whole lot brighter and more engaging while also delivering the profundity of lyrics. The voice is a force of nature, brought to us through the sheer vehemence and mastery over high range vocals and harmonies. You can feel that the breathtaking voice is the strength and emotive power driving the song forward. In a performance that acknowledges this awesome force, Alexis Gerred has achieved unbeatable distinction. 

'Unbreakable (Feat. MiG Ayesa)' by Alexis Gerred is available to stream worldwide on all streaming platforms.

About Alexis Gerred:

Alexis Gerred

"Star of West End theatre & TV to launch his first single from his upcoming EP.
All streaming Links go live on 11th March HERE:

ALEXIS GERRED, will be launching his highly anticipated first single in 3 years, on March 11th, followed by an EP later this year. From Rod Stewart to David Bowie, to Phil Collins and Freddie Mercury, the West End Theatre made us familiar with such British Rock stars, whose names are forever recorded in everyone’s heart and mind.

And now, one of those rising stars emerging from the West End, is Alexis Gerred, an English Rock singer-songwriter based in London. Alexis’s name is known for his leading roles on stage productions such as ‘Our House’, ‘Dreamboat & Petticoats’, and ‘American Idiot’. He also appeared on prime-time BBC1 live television in Eurovision: ‘Your Country Needs You’ (Runner Up) and ‘Let It Shine (Semi-Finalist)’.

Alexis Gerred’s Emotional New Single, “Unbreakable” Drops March 11th
Collaboration with artist MiG Ayesa makes song highly meaningful

London, UK (March 11th, 2022) – How many musical artists get the opportunity to collaborate with the star who inspired them to make music to begin with? Alexis Gerred has. His new single, “Unbreakable,” features his inspiration and hero, MiG Ayesa, the West End and Broadway titan who has starred in such mega hits as Rock of Ages, Thriller Live, Annie, We Will Rock You, and more.

Fast-paced, with a smooth combination of both timeless rock influences with modern pop appeal, “Unbreakable” features a range of dynamics, resulting in a distinctive, one-of-a-kind flow.

Fans of artists like The Red Hot Chili Peppers, David Bowie, Queen, Foo Fighters and the Beatles will be drawn to the song’s heartfelt and passionate rock energy.

“Unbreakable” is the lead track on Gerred’s second album, releasing later this year. His first album, Alexis, debuted in 2018.

The collaboration with Ayesa is more than two talented artists working together. Like many of us, when he was younger Gerred wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life. It was when he saw his first musical, We Will Rock You in London’s West End that his life – and career path - changed forever. The musical, inspired by Queen, starred Ayesa, a rising star in British Theatre.

“I watched MiG Ayesa take to the stage and his delivery, passion and charisma flipped a switch inside me,” Gerred recalls. “Although I had never even attempted singing a note before, I knew I wanted to emulate him and follow a path that would one day see me up on that stage, too.”

And he did. Gerred followed his dreams and has gone on to star in multiple London productions as well as shows like “Eurovision: Your Country Needs You” (BBC1 – runner up) and “Let it Shine” (BBC1 – semi-finalist).

While Gerred built his career, Ayesa’s star continued to rise, landing the Australian-Filipino talent in leading roles in hits like Rock of Ages, Thriller Live, Annie, and more. He also appeared on Rockstar: INXS, leading to his own debut album with Decca Records.

“I’ve followed MiG’s career and plucked inspiration from so many things he’s done,” explains Gerred. “One that stands out in particular was his time on Rockstar: INXS where I loved his Rock ‘n Roll style of showmanship.”

The opportunity to collaborate on “Unbreakable” with Ayesa is even more meaningful by the personal nature of the song, based on a relationship with a former acting agent that turned sour. “Unbreakable” is about staying driven and focused on one’s dreams, an important message for many in today’s tumultuous world.

“This song is about resilience and determination,” says Gerred. “If I can inspire someone to take charge of their own lives and bounce back from adversity, that’s my goal.”

“Unbreakable” will be available March 11th on all streaming/download sites and is accompanied with a B-Side “Mary Go Round”, a cover originally by British Rock band The Struts.

"Unbreakable" Written by Alexis Gerred & Produced by TylaJoe Connett

"Mary Go Round" Written by The Struts, Vocals by Alexis Gerred & Produced by TylaJoe Connett."

Listen to Alexis Gerred on Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube

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