Jar Of Kings - 'Momentum'

'Momentum' has everything that a rock/metal-head craves. This instrumental masterpiece has the energy of a beast that breathes fire which is perfectly portrayed by the band's performance. Loud, heavy and distorted guitars, assertive rhythm, thick bass and drums are wrapped in a punchy and tight mix. With such intensity, the album also has some remarkable melodious and harmonious explosions that show the other musical side which is driven by aggression and high quality. The subtle variations in tonal curves of instruments diversify the dynamics which you can feel and get absorbed into. The 'Intro' track itself is soothing and builds excitement for the upcoming instrumentals.

The complexities in rhythm and accuracy in their execution demonstrate the exceptional skill of all the artists. 'Jar Of Kings' has established its own path to express and explore this genre. All tracks go through an evolution, a journey that explores various emotions. The music communicates with you with its emotive depth and passionate renditions. From a technical point of view, the production is top-notch, making every juicy frequency available to you. Everything has a purpose and a flow while being presented professionally. The innovation on top of the underlying roots of metal/rock makes Jar Of Kings the kings of Modern Rock/Metal in their own way. Such challenging, unique and thoughtful compositions in a single album, undoubtedly will become your favourite listen.

Awesome Track List:

1. Intro
2. Timeless (feat. Denis Dyakon)
3. Requiem
4. Monoverse
5. Resolve
6. Gallantry
7. Fender Bender
8. Golem's Dance

Definitely listen to 'Momentum' by Jar Of Kings on Spotify / Bandcamp.

Also, Check out their music video for 'Monoverse'

About Jar Of Kings

Artis Apinis and Artūrs Patetko present the listeners with a modern and colourful DEBUT ALBUM 'Momentum', consisting of 8 tracks. The album was written, recorded and produced by 'Jar Of Kings' at Artis's home studio, revisiting the style of intricate arrangements, meshing melodies with rhythms, dynamics and different moods, combining progressive rock and metal.

Jar Of Kings
Jar Of Kings is an instrumental modern rock/metal band from Latvia. Formed in 2021, the group leaders are guitarist/producer Artis Apinis and guitarist Artūrs Patetko.

Back in the day, both guitarists played in a band called Legacy ID.

Jar Of Kings

Hot Pants de France - 'Bohemian_Rhapsody' (COVER)
A light-hearted cover with absolute excellence in showcasing the complexity of the genre through beautiful instrumentals and vocals. Such a performance can take a lifetime to master in order to be presented effortlessly to the listeners in the way that Hot Pants de France does. Transforming an original rock masterpiece into a sweet, melodious and harmonious jazz rendition, opens up a completely new perspective. The song presents its unique characteristics by modernising the art while preserving the traditional roots. The strings have an intricate accuracy that highlights the fine details in this composition.

The synchronisation of guitar and bass seamlessly merges with the rhythmic pattern, followed by remarkable fillers and licks. The voice is soothing and gentle, bringing elegance through its expressive tone making the finished sound sophisticated, with an added sense of 'perfect improvisation' which reaches far beyond expectations, surprising and delighting the listener at every turn.

Definitely listen to 'Bohemian_Rhapsody' (cover) by Hot Pants de France. Stay tuned on their website and social media platforms to know more.

About Hot Pants de France

"Hot Pants de France is:

Sam Kaufmann – Arrangements and Guitar
Lisa Rittner – Vocals and Sax
Jack O’Roonie – Bass and also Bass
Andrea Reynolds and Jane Young – Violin

Hot Pants de France – a Gypsy Jazz/Swing “Supergroup” – uniquely interpreting hits from the ’80s and ’90s. Hot Pants de France incorporates modern influences while staying true to the ground-breaking style created by Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli in Quintette du Hot Club de France – one of the first all-string jazz bands.

Child prodigy, top-level touring/session guitarist (Maynard Ferguson, NKOTB, Kenny Loggins) and Emmy nominated film/tv composer Sam Kaufmann captured lightning in a bottle with the very talented musicians forming the Gypsy Jazz and Swing “Supergroup” – Hot Pants de France. Sam has liberated himself from the Hot Jazz canon and presents his own uninhibited, modern style that has matured over the time with Hot Pants de France and highlights what is still to come. Well received by both listeners and the press, the vision was to bring a fresh, contemporary feel to hits from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s by arranging them in the style of jazz great Django Reinhardt. The intention was not to simply recapitulate the music, but to interpret it with a uniqueness, incorporating modern influences, while remaining true to the innovative style created by Django and Stéphane Grappelli in Quintette du Hot Club de France, one of the first all-string jazz bands.

The dichotomy between musical styles of the ’40s and the ’90s is bridged by vocalist Lisa Rittner, elegantly bringing the music into the sound of “today”. Lisa honed her chops for a decade on the Queen Mary and band Sound F/X. In addition to her voice, she gracefully adds her Saxophone prowess to Hot Pants’ samba-esque version of “Black Hole Sun”.

Harkening back to the establishing sound of OG – Stéphane Grappelli, Jane Young (2nd Place International Grand Prix of St. Petersburg, Swiss Dream Circus, NBC, Nova/PBS) constructed excellent counterpoint to Sam’s guitar lines. The two play off each other like a conversation between old friends. Jane’s parts are performed live by violin extraordinaire Andrea Reynolds who, not unlike Stéphane, lends her talents to ground-breaking experimental musical groups.

Finally, touring/session bassist Jack O’Roonie (Andre Williams, Danny B Harvey, Wanda Jackson and Labella Strings endorsee) outlines the harmony while controlling the dynamics and pace of the band with his fantastical yet proficient bass lines.

Years of experience and effortless interaction are clear – noteworthy on the recordings as well as on stage. Standing on the works by Django Reinhardt, it is this unique mix of pop, jazz, americana and inventive compositions that makes the unmistakable sound of the group."

'Running On Empty' is an easy-going, melodious and beautifully crafted song that brings out the rainbow of colourful and dynamic frequencies through its music and Melissa's captivating voice. The subtle introduction to the keys among all the string-based instruments adds more character to this song. The pacing and flow are comfortable for a sing-along and capture the tiny details in the textures of each musical piece. Punchy and spacious as it sounds, it also delivers deep emotional context through its equally powerful lyricism. Melissa's voice has expressive qualities that evoke feelings and reveals the sentimental element.

The intricate details in her voice are delightful and enchanting. Her passionate and sincere performance gradually becomes a bridge that connects listeners with this song. Just like the vocals, you can experience the unrestrained energy and liveliness among all instruments, blending together to form a resonant mix. There are unpredictable fillers and variations throughout the song that shows how much thoughtfulness and dedication went into making it alongside its tuneful theme and bright tone. It also becomes a definition of the true power and impact of country/Americana music fueled by Melissa's naturally harmonious and mellifluous voice. 'Running On Empty' emphasizes the pressures of everyday life becoming tiring and the relief that someone you live with can bring.

Definitely listen to 'Running On Empty' by Melissa Quinn Fox on Spotify.

About Melissa Quinn Fox

Country/Americana songstress Melissa Quinn Fox is known best for her story-driven songs, unique vocal tone, and captivating live performances. Reviews have described Melissa’s vocals as “Gritty, gorgeous, and a sound all her own.” In 2021 this hard-working musician released six well-received singles, was featured on the radio in the DC area, and played more than a hundred live shows, with the most notable being chosen to open for country star Jerrod Niemann.

A member of ASCAP and the Songwriters Guild of America, Melissa Quinn Fox was recently recognized for her exceptional songwriting skills by being nominated for Best Country Artist and Best Country Song at the Washington DC Area Whammie Awards.

Coming from an extensive and varied background in musical theatre opened the door for the Pittsburgh, PA artist to confidently play in many large theme parks around the world. From pop to country to alternative rock to Americana and more, Melissa draws some of her inspiration from the likes of Stevie Nicks, Sarah McLachlan, Faith Hill, and Natalie Merchant.

Currently promoting her latest single Running on Empty, listeners can expect a new EP to be released later in 2022. Melissa is currently playing live both in solo acoustic and with her full band. Show dates can be viewed on her official website.

'Keep It in the Ground!' is a great initiative expressed strongly through this powerful and hard-hitting song. The depth of words along with the melodic and harmonious music will inspire us all to think about the decisions that we as a society have taken that are negatively affecting the environment and peace on this planet. This song reminds us of the harsh reality of how our need has transformed into our greed and has caused severe damage to the climate which eventually will affect future generations. The song motivates us to challenge and take a step against the exploitation of resources in the name of a better life. Rather, it gives us a good message of planting more trees and protecting nature.

This eye-opening song has a mix of crunchy and amplified guitars strumming through the chords. Just like all the instruments, the vocals are expressive and convey emotions that boost the profound meaning of this song. The voices of children at the very end of the song continuing the chorus are heart-warming. The beauty is in the simplicity of the words and the composition which makes this song easy to follow and understand.

Definitely listen to 'Keep It in the Ground!' by Josh Allen and The Whisky Brothers on Spotify.

About Josh Allen and The Whisky Brothers

"Josh Allen and the Whisky Brothers started playing together in the spring of 2007 in Austin, Texas. Since then they have released two full-length albums and one EP: "Welcome to the Rockhouse" (2008), "GIANT" (2011), and the "W.B. E.P." (2015).

Now, after a few years' hiatus to start families and whatnot, Josh and the boys are back with a new outlook and a new EP.

"Still Alive" (2022) represents a shift in focus for Josh Allen the songwriter. Unlike the band's previous, more debaucherous, even hedonistic material, this is very much a post-Trump, post-COVID collection of songs, written by a concerned parent in a warming world.

The music, however, remains firmly rooted in Rock and Roll.

The first single from the new EP, "Keep It In The Ground!" is out now on all platforms and has a powerful music video up on YouTube. The full EP "Still Alive" is set for release later this summer."

A song that acknowledges the power of patience and discipline and reminds you to keep working towards your goal with a hopeful mindset. A very positive and optimistic single that satisfies its meaning not just through beautiful lyricism, but also through its resonant luminous musical elements. The beats are extremely clean and tight playing undisturbed and steady rhythm. The colourful glow of beautiful and deep atmospheric pads with an ambient vibe makes this song extremely sonorous. This song has vocals and rap, that will surely elevate the positive feelings and emotions alongside the catchy tune and the addictive chorus.

Calm at its core, the flow of its energy quickly becomes an inspiration and leaves an unforgettable impact on the mind. This B. Hughes' empowering song also describes the listeners, a small part of the artist's personal journey that many of you can relate to. 'G.Y.S.T.' is poetic and expressive with its lyrics and can be tuned in by everyone. The great music and vocals have all the qualities that are perfect for the message that this song wants to deliver. The gradual progression from rap to the chorus is very smooth, backed up by an established and soothing melody that has the potential to uplift your mood. The combination and contribution of all elements have greatly influenced the theme of this masterpiece.

Definitely listen to 'G.Y.S.T. ft. DURAG B' by B. HUGHES.


Brandon White, artistically known as B. Hughes, is in it for the long haul. 

Hailing from Atlanta, the songwriter & poet 
was first introduced to music when he began rapping and making beats at age 15. At the time he was going by the name DJ Staxx, but since then his musical maturity and lyricism have evolved into something much deeper, poetic and soulful— his own moniker B. Hughes was inspired by the late African-American poet & activist, Langston Hughes. 

From an early age, artists such as Jay Z, Kanye & Atlanta’s very own Andre 3000, inspired him to hustle from the ground up and birth quality music, able to withstand the test of the time. 

Through trials, triumphs and the mysteries of life, something that has remained consistent is his art. 

In the year 2020, B. Hughes released a series of 10 EP’s, all titled by the respective month. The tracks range from feel-good tracks for everyone to vibe to, to slow and sexy for the ladies or even fast & fun for them to dance to, to heartfelt cries detailing the highs and lows of life. And honourably, the inspiring ballad “Legend.”

This variation is what sets him apart from the rest & is what truly makes him legendary in his own right.

Lurid Purple Flowers - 'Darkness' from the album 'Mania'
The classic impulsive energy of this song with a splash of retro style will wake up the dead. The power and dynamic flow of the instrumentals cover all corners of its genre bringing with it an astonishing sound. Full acceleration, no breaks, you get a rush of adrenaline throughout the song with its mind-blowing musical and vocal performance. The unlocked potential of guitars cranking the tone, tight bass and strong drums smashing the beats don't just show the band's synchronisation but a combined force of a talented group of artists. The influential and evergreen voice makes the song even more vibrant and colourful.

The voice seamlessly resonates with the meaning of the song and unleashes its empowering nature perfectly wrapped around the lyrics. The gravelly and raspy accent in the voice successfully conveys the mood and assertive vibe of the song. In fact, the crunchy and raw sound exists in all elements layered with distortion and saturation. From riffs and fillers to solos, playing up-front or in the background, the guitars have conquered and dominated the musical aspect of this song. The evolution of the track defines the band's unlimited creativity giving a perfect interpretation of 'darkness'.

Definitely listen to 'Darkness' by Lurid Purple Flowers on Spotify.

About Lurid Purple Flowers

At the start of 2020, everything was looking up for Boston-based hard rock band Lurid Purple Flowers. As life shut down all across the United States and plans were put on hold, they focused their energy on creating an electric live show, with all-new, heavier material. Their debut single Too Late combines their classic rock and blues influences into a catchy tune with blistering solos from frontwoman CA Newcomb and guitarist Ben Caito. Boston native Nick White locks down the band’s tight, funk-influenced grooves.

Now, In 2022 following the release of their debut EP 'Mania,' the band is ready to hit the road.

“Lurid” means vivid and harsh in colour and is a perfect description for the band in both sound and personality. After a full year on the scene, it’s clear this band is playing for their own survival.

Da Misfit - 'TayLor' from the album 'E-Way'
Da Misfit is one of those talented artists that is a hidden gem. The skills of such an artist really shine throughout this album and have the power to grab your attention immediately. Just like every amazing track on this album, 'TayLor' brings energy to the table with a captivating vibe. The smooth and noteworthy high-quality production of the music which includes the mixing of many melodic elements makes this track sound rich and sexy. On top of it, is the rap that embodies Da Misfit's voice representing mastery over the art. The mixing of multiple voices gives us an insight into the context of the track and easily wins you over with its flow and bars.

Tight and minimalistic beats guide the rhythmic pattern and establish the pacing of the verses. The vocals feel seamless due to their momentum and charm. Just like this track, the entire album hooks you with its wonderfully crazy lyricism and music. What's unique here is the style of presenting traditional hip/hop but with Da Misfit's own spice and zing. This track will be stuck in your head in no time due to its catchy and appealing nature.

Definitely listen to 'TayLor' and the entire album 'E-Way' by Da Misfit on Spotify.

'Road To Universe'
Deep in space, somewhere in a spaceship, this song leads explorers beyond explorations and discoveries to find the truth. It bleeds extraordinary energy with the rush of adrenaline with a powerful performance. The strong beat directs the traditional rhythmic rock pattern with iconic punchy drums. The pacing of this song brings courage and confidence to its composition. Emotions are balanced in a way that retains the fun yet allows for depth in the message, balanced along its course. The chord progression has twists and turns that keep this song exciting and interesting till the end. Fearless distortion of a perfect tone on the incredible guitars and bass with high gain easily highlights all the best riffs and makes the theme more vibrant and dynamic.

Vocals become the centre of attention as soon as you hear them. The voice has beauty in its human imperfection and natural form, separating it from modern overly-polished commercial, excessively auto tuned vocals. Its unique tone and style will quickly hook you up and will make you sing along. But wait, there is one mighty quality in the voice that is unleashed in this song, it's the range. The voice travels across octaves touching the highest notes possible, pushing up emotions with high intensity. It is truly magical how quickly this song can find a home in your mind. The feeling of liberating yourself from boundaries, ready to make a long-distance trip through false directions and opportunities, beyond faith and beliefs, and finding the road to reality is a journey that this song will take you on.

Listen to 'Road To Universe' on Spotify.

If you enjoy 'Road To Universe', you should also definitely listen to their awesome entire album called 'Potatoes on Mars' which signifies outstanding storytelling through lyricism and music and continues the expedition of having a huge fan following.

Listen to 'Potatoes on Mars' on Spotify.

Andrea Pizzo and the Purple Mice
About Andrea Pizzo and the Purple Mice

The Purple Mice is a group of different artists who started to work together in a musical project around Andrea Pizzo’s voice and his idea to create a concept album about the Universe and some human deepest dreams.


In 2019 Andrea and Raffaella decided to gather their different natures in a common expressive project, in which they cooperate writing lyrics and music, singing and making videos. This challenge allows Andrea to conjugate both his passions, singing and stars, creating and experiencing different musical styles in multiple projects: an album of songs dedicated to planets and space explorations. It also allows Raffaella to create something new, giving voice to some of her verses and form to her creativity in a very satisfactory experience.

The musical competence, experience and artistic skills of Riccardo Morello and Roberto Tiranti give songs a deep and vibrant life, always amazing.

Andrea Pizzo and the Purple Mice
THE PURPLE MICE - Group members’ biographies

Andrea Pizzo was born in Albenga (SV) in 1977. He grew up close to nature and has always been interested in science and astronomy. He likes watching science-fiction movies but his greatest passion is music. He loves singing. He graduated in physics from the University of Genova and he works as a software engineer.

He is the music composer and the voice of The Purple Mice’s songs. Raffaella Turbino was born in Chiavari (GE) in 1977. She spent her childhood near the seaside where she developed her passion for adventures and exploration. She loves open-air sports, simple life and nature. She also loves reading, writing, drawing and handmade creations. She graduated in Humanities from the University of Genova and works as a teacher.

She writes the lyrics and creates drawings and paintings making songs and videos. Andrea and Raffaella are married and live in Genova with their daughter Maria Elena, who also helps to make real their artistic projects.

Riccardo Morello lives in Genova where he works as a composer and vocal coach. He’s involved in many musical projects, and he’s the singer of Il Segno del Comando, a band with a jazz-rock-prog-dark-soundtrack approach that started in Genova in 1995.

He composes melodies and plays the keyboard for The Purple Mice’s songs. Roberto Tiranti is a professional artist for many years with a lot of experience and a great music career. He’s the lead singer and bassist of Heavy/Power Italian Metal band Labyrinth.

On his repertory, there are many cooperation with many other bands, like Ken Hensley & Live Fire, Wonderworld, Mangala Vallis, New Trolls and many more.

He has also released a solo album, Sapere Aspettare and singed on some Film and Theatre Operas Soundtracks (Excalibur III - The Origins, I dieci comandamenti).

He plays all the instruments and makes musical arrangements for all of The Purple Mice’s songs.

'METAVERSE RIDDIM' feat. various artists produced by Black Shadow & Troyton Rami
'Metaverse Riddim' feat. Gully God Mavado with ‘Money & Done’, Mavado & Kalash ‘Money & Done’ Remix, Dovey Magnum performing ‘Polygamy’, Iwaata offering ‘Pillow’ and 450 with ‘2face’. Troyton Rami is a genius when it comes to balancing and mixing tracks. The production is calm and brightens the qualities of the dancehall/reggae genre. The improved dynamics of each musical element make the music sound rich and clear. Blending multiple artists together is a challenge that the producer has accomplished well using his passion and talent for musical art. The relaxed melodic and harmonious flow of all the instruments works completely in the favour of the theme.

The project has consistent and minimalist sub-bass and triplet percussion arrangements that are influenced by the well-known traditionally Jamaican style. The riddim that features top recording artists and music producers like Black Shadow & Troyton Remi is certainly a great listening experience.

Definitely listen to Metaverse Riddim feat. various artists produced by Troyton Rami.

Metaverse riddim - black shadow

Mavado - money & done https://onerpm.Link/moneyanddone

Mavado & kalash- money & done remix https://onerpm.Link/moneydoneremix

About Troyton Rami

"Producer/Songwriter/Entrepreneur Troyton Rami was born on July 27, 1980, in Grange Hill, Westmoreland, Jamaica. Always having a connection with music from a young age, he started his music career as a DJ playing in various parts of Jamaica, further developing his skillset in South Florida after migrating there in his teens. Soon after, Troyton transitioned to becoming a Producer, establishing Black Shadow Records as the hub for all of his work. For 5 years, he carefully built his catalogue providing the sounds for many upcoming and established Artists before he stumbled upon his first big break. Having already composed a few Riddims, it wasn’t until his “Buzz Riddim” fell into the path of then-emerging Dancehall Artist Sean Paul, which lead to the multiplatinum single, “Gimme The Light”. The success of “Gimme The Light” led to Troyton earning numerous accolades and quickly becoming a high in demand Producer locally and Internationally.

Troyton Rami
Having been recognized by ASCAP, IRWMA, and the GRAMMY committee, collecting more accolades, and scoring deals with Universal Music Publishing and Ultra Records over the years, Troyton Rami has become a seasoned Producer who has lent his sound and expertise to many Artists, fellow Producers, and Songwriters throughout the Caribbean, Latin America, and various parts around the world. He had a hand in Kevin Lyttle’s “Turn Me On” hit, produced Alkaline’s hit singles “Fine Whine”, “Eva High”, and “Black Heart”, produced top-selling albums from Elephant Man, Baha Men, and Beenie Man, and has found his work getting placements in everything from TV shows, to Films, to Commercials, to Video Games like FIFA 06 and Forza Motorsport 2, to events like WWE Summerslam 2006, and the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Today, Troyton Rami has solidified his status as a top Producer who is inspiring future generations of Producers and is still making hits. Troyton recently released collaborations with Dancehall Artists Mavado (“Ready Fi Dem” and “Money & Done”), and 450 (“2 Face”), and is putting the finishing touches on new collaborations with Alkaline, Mavado, and many other prominent Artists."

Taymarion - 'Want To Dance'
Taymarion is back with his versatile voice, bringing you this classic RnB filled with juicy melodies and lustful lyrics. The smooth and sensual vocals of this soulful song are perfectly combined with a strong backbeat. The warmth of amplified instruments creating seductive blues-inspired chord progressions immediately builds an ambient vibe. Thematically, it has underlying energy that keeps the fire burning and the desire to sing along. Taymarion performs one of the finest harmonies and vibratos, touching the depths of the composition. His complex vocal acrobatics are so effortless that you want to rewind and listen to them again and again.

The runs, riffs, agility and many microscopic details in the voice are achieved with an extreme perfection that makes Taymarion's voice heavenly. The flow of the lyrics and the pacing of the song is embraced by a broad range of vocals that covers multiple octaves and quickly becomes an earworm. Honestly, such a comfy and moody song, performed with great confidence will surely make you want to dance. The thickness of bass accompanied by synths facilitates perspective and wraps you in its musical atmosphere. In particular, the chorus hooks you up and lands you among the verses gently, enough to melt your heart. Once you hear this, you can't escape!

Definitely listen to 'Want To Dance' by Taymarion on Spotify / Apple Music.

About Taymarion:

"Born and raised in Mount Olive, NC on January 7 1992, Myron “Taymarion” Strong started singing at the age of 7 in the children’s choir At Winn Chapel Missionary Baptist Church. He began writing, recording, and performing original songs Around the age of 13. After years in the development stages, He released his first official project, An EP titled “LoveLifeLyrics”, in late 2018 and followed up with his debut album “Dark Side Of The Rose” the following year. Hard work, determination, patience, and faith keep him pushing forward as he lives by one quote which states “Slow progress is better than no progress”."

'Weatherman' is one of those EPs which leaves a mark and keeps pulling you back to it again and again. The purpose of this EP is to make a place inside your heart through its smooth hypnotic music and vocals. Crystal clear guitar tones that play sparkling riffs and fillers give a never-ending source of melodic rendition. 'Weatherman' is a song that explores the familiar feeling of looking for the light in a dark place, a tale of hope and one day soon things will be turned around and get better. The theme continues in 'Light It Up', a song that professes unconditional love. Ronny Lee Couling's voice carries all the weight of the sentiments alongside the music.

The depth and richness of the words hold the meaning of the EP very well, encapsulating a cosy and warm essence. The simplicity of drums and bass encourages the authentic indie style and throws light on rhythmic patterns that carry the pacing of the songs. 'Grace' has a beautiful guitar flow and builds a dynamic atmosphere that sustains the heart-touching theme. The pure emotional drive that you get from the songs is incomparable and showcases the passion and love that Ronny has poured into them. Ending with 'Home (Acoustic)' you get so much more than you expected. You are left with a profound affection for all these songs, keeping them in memories that are beautifully crafted by Ronny Lee Couling's EP masterpiece.

Definitely listen to 'Weatherman' by Ronny Lee Couling on Spotify.

About Ronny Lee Couling:

Ronny Lee Couling
Singer-songwriter originally from the UK. From a young age, he has travelled all around the world and has recently settled in Sydney with his wife.